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You may know us from that blue birdie site. We confess, we ate the bird and now we're here hoping to .

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  1. We need to build a new prison that will just hold Trump and all his cronies. It will need to be the size of Rhode Island.
  2. Smart
  3. Everyone is welcome!
  4. Thank you @feedback Post for expediting access for the #journalists who suddenly found themselves de-platformed yesterday!
  5. Hi Post! We're trying to find all of our Twitter friends on here. Can you please consider RePosting this and join us as we build out our platform on here?
  6. So sad...
  7. Who has the Photoshop skillz?

    Sharing to see if that talented Poster is in my connections. Even at this gentleman's request, I have so much respect and gratitude for his service and sacrifices that I can't bring myself to put TFG
  8. I'm loving this tip button. I dropped 5 cents for the giggle and hoping to never have to see this again :)
  9. Puerto Rico and DC need statehood now!
  10. I'm sure the mass exodus from the flaming wreck that used to be our go-to nest is going to continue to cause glitches. We'll be patient and pleasant and grateful for all Post is doing to give us a new
  11. Thank you! wicked cool
  12. Being successful on Post Click on your Profile picture Click on "Followers" Make sure that you follow each one back
  13. If you are leaving the nest and new to Post, #welcome, me too! I've discovered that it is easy to rebuild your follows here when you find one of your well known follows and check who they follow. I ju
  14. This is a tragic night over on Twitter. Do me a favor please, on Twitter my handle is @_AdrianWright , I’m assisting with providing direct invitations to Post issued thru Post staff. If you personally
  15. Yes!
  16. If you're just joining Post tonight, please be patient with search and site speed generally. The Thursday Night Massacre is slowing things down over here.
  17. Please Call/Text 988 if you need someone to listen.

    Please, Please, Please... if you are struggling, you are NOT alone. No matter how strong your demons feel, someone will listen. You don't have to fight them alone. Suicide is a forever solution to wha
  18. #SlavaUkrainii Please help them get access here fast. Thank you.

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