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Where there's despair in life, let me bring hope. Philly Restart, Project HOME. Immunodeficient, lefty Evangelical, MSTie, Gracie's mom. Also, cookies.

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  1. This is why the living room never warms up. #cats
  2. Do me a huge favor, please: If you're fully committed to defeating the anti-democracy, right-wing radicals trying to destroy everything we care about, Re-Post this Post and follow us at @ReallyAmerican! 👇
  3. Our Afghan refugee family's first Christmas morning sticky buns. We know it is not their holiday but we are touched by how they are (maybe) humoring us. We will learn about Eid and make an inordinate
  4. Happy Birthday to a brown-skinned Jewish refugee and migrant, a major prophet in Islam, a socialist, a champion of equality, who was arrested and abused by authorities, who preached for love and again
  5. #IVIG Liquid gold day! God bless plasma donors for keeping me well. Louie was my infusion buddy today. #CVID
  6. First Night against winter’s dark- Baruch ata Adonai -we light the first light shehecheyanu- light of triumph, light of life -vekiyemanu vehigianu- in the cold, a sacred light, -lazeman hazeh. *** against the
  7. Post = Apple Mastodon = Linux Twitter = Microsoft (*if Bill Gates was bitten by a rabid raccoon and never treated) Truth Social = A virus you got when you tried to pirate Wing Commander II in 1993
  8. COOKIE WEEK STARTS TOMORROW! Got my spreadsheet and my special iced cookie diagram done, many doughs in the freezer, butter and eggs reaching room temp. Don't expect anything from me until Saturday.
  9. Do not underestimate this aspect of parenting. Face-palm emoji is almost as good as MOTHER.
  10. And the only inauguration balls he'll see will be on his cellie.
  11. So tired of hearing that Stewart Rhodes went to Yale Law. We get it: He’s not a total idiot. And yet, he’s a total idiot.
  12. So odd, how terrorism is vandalism if your skin is white. Probably like how all those Caucasian lone wolves know each other.
  13. Why in a million years would I ever care about Hunter Biden’s laptop? Do I care about Tiffany Trump’s breakfast cereal?
  14. Guess the bed's not getting made this morning. #Cats #CatsOfPost
  15. Latest addition to the nativity set. #PossumInAPeanutCar
  16. PLEASE share this with others. US National Institutes of Health has launched a website for you to anonymously report the results of any brand of at-home COVID-19 test. The site is https://makemytestco
  17. Louie, my doughnut cat. #cats #CatsofPost
  18. Any fellow zebras here? #CVID #immunodeficient
  19. I want to get out of the recliner but I can't, Louie is just way too comfortable. #cats

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