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Social. Nerd. Minnesotan.

Curious mix of extrovert and introvert. News junkie. Technology, baseball, taco fan. Proud Minnesotan

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  1. Pic-a-Day: Couldn't find a metaphorical "New Day Dawning" picture so leaving this here because I like it :-) Weeds, fog, sunset (Northern Iowa farm field, Dec 2022)
  2. Meeting of The Minds

    Pic-a-Day 12: meeting of the minds at the feeder. Goldfinch and Downy Woodpecker (Backyard, Minnesota, Dec 2022) #PostPics #PostPhotos #birds
  3. Pic-a-Day 11: snowing again, so here's to warmer days. Blue Ox Music Festival, Eau Claire WI (June 2021) #PostPics #PostPhotos #PostPlaces
  4. Pic-a-Day 10: Organization Cable Cabinet, Dec 2022
  5. Pic-a-Day 9: Some color on a overcast snowy day Egyptian Starcluster
  6. Pic-a-Day 8: Moon, Mars Christmas Tree Bentleyville "Tour of Lights", Duluth MN (Dec 2022) #PostPics #PostPlaces
  7. King of the Garden

    Pic-a-Day 7 (one day late, trouble posting photos yesterday): Busch Gardens lion bored with me (March 2020, Tampa, Florida) #PostPics #PostPlaces
  8. Pic-a-Day 6: Some desert vibes to counteract the shoveling from yesterday. Lost Dutchmen State Park, Arizona #PostPhotos #PostPlaces
  9. Pic-a-Day 4: Snowy Day in Minneapolis. #PostPhotos #Minnesota
  10. Day 3 of pic a day...nearly missed it. Here's a pic of better days at Target Field. #Baseball #MissingCorreaAlready
  11. Dead and Company, St. Louis, Sept 2021
  12. Not sure how long I will keep this up, but thought I would start my Post journey with a picture a day...Here is a baseball from the last Spring Training game before the world shut down in March of 202
  13. First post. Hope there are fewer turkeys here.

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