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Retired publicist/college instructor, butterfly gardener, quilter, avid reader, Baby Yoda fanatic. Always vote blue! 🌊

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  3. Amen.
  4. This is the way. #BabyYoda #Grogu #puzzles #Happy2023
  5. Tonight we played the NY Times resolution game, where each person writes down a New Year's resolution and puts it in a bowl. Everyone then takes one (not their own). The idea is that the one you pick
  6. President Joe Biden has signed the omnibus spending bill, which includes the Electoral Count Reform Act, into law. S.4573 , the Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act, is de
  7. β€œGreta Thunberg ends the year with one of the greatest tweets in history” after #AndrewTate tried to pick a fight and failed spectacularly.
  8. Because you're never too old for a Mini-Me! πŸŽ…
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  10. Don't hate us. 🌞
  11. Do me a favor and let people know I’m giving this site a try. I suppose you can β€œRepost” this? Is that the right term?
  12. Yep.
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  14. Agreed!

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