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Always trying to be kind!

Mom of Gyllden, my amazing golden girl & her angel sisters Zumi, Faeden & Mory. Married to a most amazing man. Lover of dogs, science, nature, photography, soccer & basketball ( not necessarily in that order

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  1. I've been working on a project and away from daily column writing, so it felt great to write this one for Christmas, and on a topic that that's never far from my mind. So much suffering in the world,
  2. I got back on Twitter this fall to promote my new book after almost ten years away. Friends, nothing is worth that hatecircus as currently constituted. That said. Good holiday gift (and cute t shirt)
  3. Still time, if you want to do some good — I'm donating $100 to @charitywater for every copy of #AdriftBook you buy. Lmk in the comments.
  4. Welcome aboard, Mia Farrow. Happy to have you here.
  5. Let that sink in.

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