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  1. “Vermin” “They are poisoning the blood of our country” His rhetoric traces directly back to Adolf Hitler. In a normal time, he would be immediately shunned out of politics. Out of our public discourse. Every American would be horrified at him dredging up the evil that almost consume
  2. Jack Smith is the right man for the job at hand!
  3. That's how it works. Opposite of "Evil" is not "indifference".
  4. Former President Donald Trump believes he is more important than the U.S. Constitution. #EditorialCartoon by Daniel Boris on Cartoon Movement . Link to original cartoon, as found online:
  5. Gonna be a LOT of "collteral damage" in this war! :(
  6. That's called integrity.
  7. Well balanced explanation. Thank you!
  8. This needs to go viral!
  9. He threatened Mike Pence, Mark Meadows, Bill Barr, General Milley…the list goes on and on. A narrowly tailored gag order was issued to stop him from intimidating witnesses in his upcoming trials. He asked for a stay of the gag order while it was being appealed. It was granted. He imm
  10. Good morning As expected, he’s been gnawing at his reinstated gag order all night…like a chihuahua with a chew toy.
  11. whoever said "Republicans claim that government doesn't work, and then they come to Washington to prove it" was a fucking genius
  12. #EditorialCartoon by Garth German on GarthToons . Link to original cartoon, as found online:
  13. My #JillsPin tonight on @AliciaOnMSNBC with @LindseyReiser inspired by this great cartoon. .
  14. Don't wait till election day to find out you were purged!
  15. Too funny!! 😂
  16. #BidenomicsIsWorking
  17. DC: Full scale lawfare in progress. It’s been raining motions to dismiss and delay. Furious opposition incoming from the DOJ, including a motion to lift the stay on his gag order and revise the terms of his conditional release. Mark Meadows immunity deal raises the stakes. The gl
  18. After a British gunman killed 16 people in 1987, the country banned semiautomatic weapons like those he had used. It did the same with most handguns after a 1996 school shooting. It now has one of the lowest gun-related death rates in the developed world. They have mental health i
  19. #EditorialCartoon by Bill Bramhall on brand X . Link to original cartoon, as found online:

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