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A Gen X INFJ content creator who posts about grammar, blogging, journalism, & faith. Knows a little about a lot of things. Accused of being "too nice."  

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  1. If they ever decide to kill Daylight Saving Time once and for all, I hope they work out a way to give us more daylight AND give that extra hour of sleep at the same time!
  2. Getting better...

    After multiple tests, the vet has ruled out pretty much everything bad. And it looks like his UTI finally cleared up. But he’s still obsessed with water to the point that I’m having to restrict how much he gets or else he’ll try to drink it all at once. So he sometimes lies by th
  3. Pardon a quick public service announcement, but it's important. I had my second colonoscopy this morning. No polyps at all! Everything looked good. I don't have to go back for five years. If you're 45 or older, get screened! It's a simple way to prevent cancer!!
  4. Went through Starbucks and got to the window and learned the person ahead of me bought my coffee. So I paid it forward to the person behind me. I always hate to break up a set! #charlestonsc #payitforward #starbucks #pistachiolatte
  5. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
  6. This guy claims there's an effort to "silence" him. You have to ask yourself: Why would a right-leaning network want to "silence" a right-winger who, in this case, is just selling pillows?!? Unpaid bill stretching into the millions?!? Yep, that'd do it.
  7. Affected or Impacted? Should They Be Interchangeable? This one is rapidly becoming a big pet peeve of mine when I copyedit! #grammar
  8. The Civil War and the Persistent Silence on Slavery

    If someone asked you what caused the Civil War, what would you say? Most people — even some who won’t say it out loud — know the answer. Yet there continues to be a silence on slavery.
  9. Tradition (and superstition) says we’re supposed to eat black-eyed peas and collard greens on New Year’s Day for prosperity and health. The ribeye was my contribution to the menu plan. #happynewyear #ribeye #beefitswhatsfordinner 🥩
  10. I hope 2024 will be full of the things that make you happy! #HappyNewYear
  11. Watching my favorite musical on STARTtv...
  12. Good quote to keep in mind!
  13. The Collie wanted to make sure he wasn’t getting upstaged by the tree! Merry Christmas, everyone! #merrychristmas #roughcollie
  14. Yes, Poor Grammar Can Upset the Cardiovascular System #grammar
  15. Nap time!

    I’ve never once had to explain to a dog what a pillow is for. They’ve always just instinctively understood right away! #roughcollie #rest #dog #lassiedog
  16. BREAKING NEWS: Norman Lear, legendary TV producer, dies at age 101 #RIP
  17. How much of it do YOU have? #grammar
  18. I noticed recently that post previews no longer show up when I’m writing a new post. Instead of the post, I get a 404/Page Not Found error. IS THIS HAPPENING TO ANYONE ELSE ALL OF A SUDDEN? #blogchat
  19. Some people can’t resist the temptation to be cruel, even in the aftermath of the Rosalynn Carter funeral, a time when respect should be a given. | Politics Should’ve Paused for the Rosalynn Carter Funeral
  20. Pet owners beware:

    A certain joint supplement made for both people and dogs we’ve all heard of can cause side effects that aren’t mentioned on the packaging.

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