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Management & analytics professor (emeritus), writer, traveler, lead guitarist (for Outer Park & Laurasia), photographer, armchair astronaut.

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  1. Joni Mitchell

    Joni Mitchell turns 80 today. Her music has provided me joy, wisdom and inspiration for decades. Here’s my unworthy but earnest tribute, a quartet of recordings I’ve made of her songs.
  2. Finally getting set up over at Substack. Please give a look and subscribe - it's free!

    NEW VIDEO! Bassist James Singleton's impromptu exclamation, as our Outer Park recording session began, was the encouragement we needed to make this 1962 instrumental our own. It also gave me, self-described "armchair #astronaut ," a direction to follow when I created this new #vid
  4. NEW VIDEO: Whispering Pines

    Richard Manuel was a rare talent: a voice for the ages, a terrific composer. I created this video to release on what would have been his 80th. This song has been a longtime favorite of several of our band members, and we hope we've done it justice.
  5. New Video: Monopolis

    Here's another new video from my latest album, "Beat Nouveau." On this tune I'm joined by two of my Outer Park band-mates, James Singleton (bass) and Jason Marsalis (drums). This one is as frenetic as my previous one was serene! In addition to by YouTube channel, you can find this
  6. New video: Nazca Ridge

    Here's a new video from my most recent release, Beat Nouveau... a "solo" album that actually draws its classiness from my stellar guest performers. In this song, I'm joined by my Laurasia band-mate Paul Lieberman (flutes), and by two of my band-mates from Outer Park , New Orleans
  7. Monday music.
  8. It takes longer to go from NY to Dallas than it did it 1970 because the US is not investing in infrastructure. #DLD23
  9. Platforming a Q-promoting insurrectionist

    My new album, "Beat Nouveau," is now available everywhere you stream & download music. Grateful for these opportunities to create and share this new music, which would not be possible without the "help
  11. Long lines in Georgia today. Worth every minute of the wait.

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