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The Poet-Filmmaker of San Diego

San Diego, California

Fun-loving woman who enjoys mountain biking with my best friend.

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  1. Wow, cool
  2. Happy Merry Holly-Daze!
  3. Very interesting
  4. A film I made upon the occasion of the Gulf Oil Disaster. Seems there's been yet another oil disaster....
  5. "Friends"

    I always loved this particular Elton John album, one of his first. "FRIENDS" (this post is inspired by all my new friends here on this safe and friendly social media platform.
  6. From one of my favorite writers, Robert Reich, on today's race in Georgia, and what the outcome will mean.
  7. Democracy is best when we all make choices together
  8. Very interesting article about contributions of women in Ancient History which has long been summarily appropriated by males.
  9. One of my All-Time Favorite Music Video and pieces of music, "Can't Find My Way Home" by Steve Winwood -
  10. One of my recent films, called "Gabriel of Tikal," about a crocodile once revered by the Mayans until one fateful day.
  11. Nina Simone singing "Wild is the Wind"
  12. Being WOKE is a Good Thing; Don't Let 'Em Fool You!

    My husband asked me to create this meme. Which pill did you take? A link to "Woke: Choice Words From My Mother" (multi-award-winning film) is here:
  13. I enjoyed a honeymoon with my husband before we got married. We traveled to Tahiti where we backpacked, hitchhiked and enjoyed the planet's most beautiful islands, back when we were in our 20's. Our a
  14. Hey Georgia, you're on my mind!
  15. Seen at a local thrift store. How precious! LOL
  16. Sometimes I surprise myself by how intuitive I was at a fairly young age.
  17. Such is life.
  18. I colorized this photograph of a Parisian woman in a Cannabis garden. Can you find the kitty-cat?
  19. The Homelessness Conundrum

    Mulling over the problem of Homelessness, particularly in warmer West Coast cities like San Diego and LA. The current crop of homeless seem to be angry, hopeless, and of course mentally unstable. Our

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