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Life is too short to hate.

Now is the time to turn the tide. Now is the time to fight. Let us not go gently to the endless winter night.

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  1. It’s all “ma guns, ma rights”. AR-15 Christmas cards. AR-15 lapel pins worn by our elected officials….. until it happens to one of your family members. But don’t worry we’ll send our thoughts and prayers just like you do.
  2. Show these fuckers the pictures of the mutilated children. Maybe then we’ll have some change. #FuckGuns
  3. It’s only going to get worse unless we push back together. (This is a photo thread of 5 photo postings. To see all, click on post and scroll)
  4. As Dr. Sarah Kendzior says, “THEY KNEW!”
  5. We really need to start boycotting these businesses that don't support women.
  6. Some serious bs,…
  7. Come on Jack, let's finish with the testifying and commence to the arrestifyin!
  8. Constitutional Lawyers need to start representing each of these individuals who have had their ballots challenged IMMEDIATELY! File these challenges in FEDERAL COURTS IN EACH INDIVIDUALS ALIGNED JURISDICTION IMMEDIATELY! Georgia voters are having their right to vote challenged en m
  9. And it just keeps going....
  10. One of two Democrat-leaning judges running for Wisconsin Supreme Court is Judge Everett Mitchell. Please donate! This is a vital race: April, 2023. I just gave to Everett Mitchell! To see details and contribute now, please go to:
  11. WOW.
  12. Well, if the Nazi uniform fits.....
  13. Wait…..what?
  14. Happy Valentine's Day, folks.

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