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Pastor, non-Constantinian

Jesus-follower along the lines of pre-Constantinian Christianity; husband/father; ethics/politics = Jesus and the Kingdom of God; Ph.D. student at Midwestern.

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  1. The non-colonized Jesus-follower enjoys Jesus as King daily, richly, and experientially (Lk 9:23)
  2. Geographical, Zip Code Ethics?

    Geographical, Zip Code Ethics? It is such a blessing to live by a better ethics, the ethics of the Kingdom of God, which is not a "zip code ethics."
  3. God is where the natural man would least expect Him. This is not only illustrated on the cross, Jesus whole ministry was among the underclass that the world rejects and thinks it is better off to stay
  4. The White Church and the Black Bodies . . . That the question that the title of this book raises is deeply offensive to a category of human beings speaks volumes about a problem. Given that Christians c
  5. Decolonizing Salvation by Andrea Smith: "The history of missionization to Indigenous peoples in the United States has been simultaneously the history of Indigenous genocide. This is true because the go
  6. People who oppose interracial marriage should receive a DNA kit for Christmas.
  7. Good morning, Christ-followers. We have another day of Luke 9:23 before us, which is the only path to a thriving Christ-centered life and out of the self-centered life. Daily we choose to live in the me
  8. Wednesday Ekklesia/Church Day: Learning and lamenting our abhorrent failure in history as when we syncretized Christianity with nationalism and white supremacy. "It is difficult to ascertain the precis
  9. Ekklesia/church day: Ekklesia and God's mission. "The church, therefore, is not on a mission from God; it is God that is on a mission and the church is invited to participate. As German theologian Jurg
  10. Today is ekklesia/church day for many Jesus-followers. A few words from a master disciplemaker on the church and discipleship:
  11. Failure of the church: Nazi Germany. Given that today is ekklesia/church day for many Jesus-followers, my posts today will be about the ekklesia. In this post, I point out the failure of the Confessing
  12. Happy ekklesia/church day for many of us. A pathological problem in much of Americanized ekklesia "leadership"?
  13. Take away from me the noise of your songs! I will not listen to the music of your harps. But let justice flow like water, and righteousness like an ever flowing stream. - Amos 5:23-24 God didn't want to he
  14. Good morning, Christ-followers Today is ekklesia day for many disciples of Christ. It is for me. I am excited to see my fellow Christ-followers this evening. What a blessing it is to be in the presence
  15. This is what true discipleship, a true Jesus-follower sounds like.

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