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Life on Earth loses if fascism wins. Writer, artist and ad industry veteran dedicating Act III to keeping my country a democracy and the planet habitable.

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  1. Never grows old. A Nessus sphinx ( Amphion floridensis) moth, one of several species of hummingbird moths. They fly during the day and at dusk, and can beat their wings up to 70 beats per second. They hover like hummingbirds, too. There's lots of muscadine grapevine here. Grapevine
  2. It's World Wildlife Day

    From the United Nations: Over a million species of wild flora & fauna are threatened with #extinction . Friday’s #WorldWildlifeDay is an opportunity to draw attention to the importance of collective action to create more sustainable relationships between humans, nature and wildlife
  3. The #GreatBackyardBirdCount is on! Fri, Feb 17 - Mon, Feb 20 You do not have to be a birder to participate. Whether you see one bird or hundreds, your observations help scientists understand how birds are doing. It takes as little as 15 minutes on one of the four days. You can watch
  4. The "He Gets Us" ads are not innocuous. They're potentially dangerous.

    We all know the inclusive-sounding He Gets Us ads are bunk, right? They're actually from the anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ, Christian Right. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. They’re targeting people who are struggling with things like loneliness, divorce, death, addiction and so
  5. Winter storms have been devastating to plants around here, and I'm dancing. When spring comes, we'll all have a chance to do better for a wild neighbors. Gift link via @nytimes
  6. Dem legislators should NOT attend February's National Prayer Breakfast

    I just asked my members of Congress NOT to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in February. And yep, that includes Senator Reverend Warnock. The inclusive Christianity he preaches has nothing to do wi
  7. It's National Bird Day

    A green heron and Canada goose in the backyard pond. Fun fact (if you're not a fish): Green herons are one of the few species of bird that use tools. They drop insects or other food onto the surface o
  8. Darn, didn't see the yellow #pineWarbler on the right! Still trying to capture the three primary colors at the feeder* in a single shot. #Birds #Birdwatching #Wildlife #RedBelliedWoodpecker #EasternBluebird
  9. Resident Georgia #CanadaGeese getting a rare taste of northern life. #CanadaGoose #Geese #Wildlife #Nature #Pond #Birdwatching
  10. -9 Degree windchill in metro Atlanta

    It's been a brutal 1.5 days with another two to go. Relieved to see some regular backyard visitors like this #NorthernCardinal out and about. Woodpeckers, pine warblers, eastern phoebes and bluebirds i
  11. #FeralCats #BombCyclone #ArcticBlast
  12. Just saw #AvatarTheWayOfWater and I'm not sure adjectives exist that do it justice. Breathtaking visuals. Nuanced characters. An emotional storyline. Bring tissues. Bring nerves of steel. See it. #Ava
  13. Eastern bluebirds

    During winter, a variety of #birds forage for native plant seeds around the yard. But I like to keep a bird feeder, too, because this Never. Gets. Old. The #bluebirds love the layer of mealworms sprink
  14. My gay Uncle Mario

    She, un cuento de J&B - YouTube My old-fashioned, evangelical Italian family rejected my sweet, gay Uncle Mario. Mario was the relative no one talked about, or if they did, it was in hushed tones. He w
  15. Leave the leaves—and stalks and stems

    After the flowerheads go to seed, after the leaves dry out and the stalks turn brown, my bed of native goldenrod continues to brim with life through winter. Its seeds provide food for small mammals an
  16. Shadoobie, tattered, tattered

    Late fall butterflies like this white M hairstreak ( Parrhasius m-album ) frequently look like they have horror stories to tell. Their tattered wings are probably evidence that they survived attacks fro
  17. A gem in the night air

    The beautiful big green luna moth gets all the attention, but there are smaller green beauties, too. Look closely and you might spot one, like this red-fringed emerald moth ( Nemoria bistriaria ). In the
  18. Let's do this, Georgia! You can vote early today, Sunday, Nov 27th, in Cherokee County! #WarnockForGA #Warnock #GASen #GArunoff #Georgia #GApol #Vote #VoteBlue
  19. Big fan of getting started guides. Thank you.
  20. Katydids: The soundtrack to summer nights

    First post! And first time spotting a lesser pine meadow katydid (Orchelimum minor) in the yard. She's the twelfth species of katydid here. Even if you've never seen a katydid before, you've probably h

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