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Film-video-multi-maker, writer, artist. Mycophile. Projectionist-AV guy, I don’t fear the tech.

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  1. Twelve years ago, then-President Barack Obama closed the door on using the 14th Amendment to resolve a Republican-imposed debt ceiling crisis. This year, however, President Joe Biden is leaving that same door wide open.
  2. "One aim is certainly to set a precedent that helps isolate pregnant people through terror and surveillance. The fear of winding up ensnared in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit that ruins the lives of one’s closest friends is certainly a good motivator."
  3. Louis CK is playing sold-out shows, Donald Trump is running for president again, and Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court. So sad how these allegations ruin men’s lives.
  4. I’m still getting acclimated. The following 👇 is very helpful.
  5. On this weird day, let us all remember that Jimmy Carter builds affordable houses in his post-presidency years.
  6. I’m happy to be here on…reading some really thoughtful, well-written pieces.

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