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TV and live event veteran. Supporter of science, voting rights, climate and reproductive freedom. Wife and mother who wants a sustainable world for my kid.

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  1. Republicans are lying when they say slashing IRS funds will lower the deficit. For each extra $1 the IRS spends auditing rich tax cheats, it can collect $12. Defunding the IRS will INCREASE the deficit. They want to help their rich donors cheat, while the rest of us pay for it.
  2. Results of today's Speaker Vote Jeffries 212 Jordan 199 McCarthy 5 Scalise 7 John Boehner (I am not making this up) 1 Others 9 Needed: 217. Jeffries is within spitting distance. If Republicans had any shame at all, the entire party would die of embarrassment at this point
  3. While Republicans fail to elect a Speaker for the 12th time, here what Democrats just delivered: - 223K jobs in December, beating expectations - 3.5% unemployment, the lowest rate in 50 years - 4.5M jobs
  4. holy fucking shit, Al Franken posed for a stupid photo and was forced to resign. Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking and he's allowed to hang around and fuck things up for his own pa
  5. Theatrical event celebrating MLK, Jr.

    Join us for this wonderful hybrid (live on zoom and in person in Newbury Park, CA) event celebrating Dr. King as he is brought to life by Gerald C. Rivers. Friday, January 20, 7:00PM (Pacific)

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