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  1. Democrats just won multiple crucial elections around the nation
  2. Donald Trump has unhinged meltdown about how his side is too "impotent" to save him from his downfall
  3. Donald Trump’s attorney quits
  4. Donald Trump has unhinged all caps meltdown after it sinks in for him that Jack Smith has him nailed
  5. House Republicans have lost their man – literally
  6. Donald Trump just got the worst news possible about the DOJ criminal case against him
  7. Donald Trump just made a big mistake
  8. Jack Smith is going all in on Donald Trump
  9. Donald Trump threatens absurd last minute stunt in E. Jean Carroll case
  10. Looks like Jack Smith has Donald Trump nailed for wire fraud on top of everything else
  11. Bad news for Steve Bannon’s hope of avoiding prison
  12. This Fox News implosion is getting uglier by the hour
  13. Donald Trump’s criminal scandals are closing in on him all at once
  14. I’m the one guy who said Ron DeSantis would collapse long before 2024. Even I didn’t think he’d self destruct this cartoonishly.
  15. Rudy Giuliani just gave away that Donald Trump is toast
  16. Attorney reveals that criminal prosecutors are now interested in Dominion – Fox News case, could explain secrecy around settlement
  17. Appeals Court rules in favor of Alvin Bragg and Mark Pomerantz, and against Jim Jordan
  18. "Numerous signs" Fani Willis is set to criminally indict Donald Trump and DOZEN of his allies
  19. Clarence Thomas just became the poster child for 2024
  20. Jim Jordan’s subpoena of former Manhattan prosecutor Mark Pomerantz may not be what it looks like

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