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Scenic Artist

Delaware, USA

Charge Scenic Artist for the Resident Ensemble Players at the University of Delaware.

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  1. I agree with Ms. Grandin that American kids need more of that “A” in STEAM: “I often get asked what I would do to improve both elementary and high school. The first step would be to put more of an emph
  2. A #ScenicArtist is a finisher

    We use a mixed bag of knowledge, tools and determination because our goal is that our work is complete. Scenic #RayLalonde current gig is winning #Jeopardy 🎉
  3. A Painter, Artist and Keeper of Cats

    I won’t have daily posts - I’m hoping to post a bit more informative blogs, sharing the world of #theater and #scenicart . I’m working on my first article post “So What Is A #ScenicArtist ” In the mean
  4. Starting to help build some Micro-Communities #scenicart #wallpaper #stencils #woodgrain #theatremaker
  5. Happy to be here. Planning to share some #scenery, some #art, and also some #scenicart . Check out my instagram for current projects.

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