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Owen Poindexter


Weird turned pro

Sports business writer, casual chess player, inventor of a salad-based holiday, dad, long-suffering Mets fan, makes a mean tomato sauce.

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  1. Biden has been a really good president.
  2. Here's a nifty article about how both male and female wasps have stingers on their genitalia, but the females are more effective. Also includes a short video of a frog trying and then giving up on eat
  3. Anyone care to explain how the points thing works? I realize I can look this up myself, but I would rather be interactive (and lazy).
  4. Hi!

    Hey all. I'm figuring we all sign up for this and the other Twitter alternatives and we'll see which one is working when that ship fully sinks. I'm a sports business writer who might post about #baseball,

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