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  1. By Navdeep Yadav President Joe Biden- led administration is reportedly considering slowing down weapon deliveries to Israel as a form of leverage, aiming to persuade the Israeli government to temper its military operations in the Gaza Strip. What Happened : The White House-directed P
  2. By Wa’el Alzayat President Joe Biden has repeatedly refused to push for a ceasefire in Israel’s brutal war on Gaza, which has claimed the lives of at least 26,000 Palestinians . That approach is illogical on both the domestic and international fronts, not to mention the security ri
  3. If you followed along with the E Jean Carroll trial coverage this past week, you’re well aware of the pitfalls of hiring incompetent lawyers. This time, it cost him $83.3 million dollars, but don’t forget, Donald Trump has a history of surrounding himself with lawyers who refuse
  4. THANK YOU! What an incredible group of questions, and so much engagement! We had over 400 comments for the AMA this past Wednesday. Since then, I've gone through and answered the questions I couldn't get to. Click on the post below to read them all, and I would really appreciate
  5. @joycewhitevance still uses 242 *sigh*

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