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I was encouraged to make a Post account by many followers on Twitter. So, here I am.

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  1. Changing social media apps is sort of like buying a new phone. Everything feels impossible starting off. I'm going to try using Post more & more. Follow me & I'll follow back!
  2. Hello you poor devils
  3. If you follow me on Twitter, My account has been locked for "Hateful content" against Marjorie Taylor Green for calling her a tyrant. Feel free to pass on the word. I unfortunately had to delete the Tweet which had gained nearly 3000 likes in the last 48 hours. Account is locked
  4. Just checking in.. Hope everyone is well.
  5. It's Max! And the Ostrich.
  6. I am the Angry Ostrich

    Greetings world of Post News. I am the Angry Ostrich. I am a new arrival from Twitter. On Twitter I am Angry.Ostriches.Are.No.Fun. I look forward to exploring this fine new habitat which I so wonderfully find myself in. But there are a few things you should know about this giant b

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