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Sean Scott


Oracle ACE Pro specializing in Oracle database high availability and disaster recovery, DevOps, automation, virtualization and Docker. Apress author of "Oracle on Docker: Running Oracle Databases in Linux Containers"

Boise, Idaho, USA

Father, husband, grandpa. He/him. I work with Oracle databases focusing on high availability and disaster recovery for business continuity and scale, upgrades and migrations, and sharding. Databases aren't special—but data is—so automation, version control, and configuration management are critical for managing reliable, consistent database software and infrastructure. I work extensively with Docker/containers and my Apress book, "Oracle on Docker: Running Oracle Databases in Linux Containers," is available here: I'm working on a follow-up that explores more advanced concepts, recipes for orchestrations, performance optimizations, and Kubernetes. I present sessions on Oracle, DevOps, automation, and Docker via webinars and in person at user group events around the world. A recovering cyclist, I discovered ultramarathons after turning 50. Now I dream of running Hardrock and Western States. I'm fortunate to have a wonderful network of trails a few feet from my doorstep, an energetic Malinois/Border Collie/Lab mix named Oreo to enjoy them with, and a wife who isn't too judgemental when I say, "I'm going for a run, I should be back in four or five hours." In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and have an unhealthy obsession with Japanese chef's knives. I keep my woodworking skills current, building new knife blocks. My internal narration is almost entirely movie quotes and song lyrics. LGBTQ rights are human rights. Opinions = mine. Backup ≠ Recovery. Dogs > cats. .

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  1. Welp, my dreams of being a best-selling author are realized as I have a # 1 best-selling new release on Amazon, albeit in the somewhat narrow "Linux Networking & Systems Administration" category! Not e
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