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Director of my own thoughts

Creative/Geek/Gamer/Alien/Spiritual gal. Babbles about reality tv, life, politics. BlueBird refugee. ISFJ

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  1. Welcome Everyone!
  2. BlueBird of Darkness

    I think instead of deactivating my blue bird account, I will go dark... aka, no posting, no avatar pic, no header, no engagement... it's like I want a moment before I bid adieu. I've been on it for ne
  3. Is Post Just All News Stuffs?

    Are there any entertainment folks on Post? Like krap reality tv shenanigans, lighthearted banter about the latest episode of a show?!? I'm liking this alternative to the bluebird of sadness but, I do
  4. Made it in. First post on Post. Happy Tuesday :P

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