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  1. More evidence that No Labels is a joke. Its newly released platform includes voting as an "idea." If you don't know what it means to have a "counted vote" verified, neither do I, neither do they. It's gibberish, pure and simple.
  2. “What Trump has done is quite arguably the worst crime against the United States that a president could commit.” Fmr Federal Judge J. Michael Luttig—Fmr staffer for Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush #news #politics
  3. Texas: CAN YOU HEAR US NOW????????????????? asking for El Paso and all the other 68 mass shooting victims
  4. Jobs, Jobs & More Jobs. thanks Biden #bluecrew #blackpost #employment #economy
  5. Maybe someone can find these traitors first?
  6. In case people didn’t see this…
  7. I think we all agree with her.
  8. One of those "We go high when they go low" things.
  9. It’s about time DOJ took off the kid gloves in dealing with Justice Clarence Thomas and his seditious wife Ginny. Ginni’s damning text exchanges with Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows — which the tran
  10. I've never heard anyone's hold Trump to questioning like Barbara Walters did. No doubt Barbara knew he was a skunk.
  11. Donald Trump , a self-proclaimed billionaire, paid ZERO in federal taxes in 2020 and only $750 in taxes in both 2016 and 2017. While most Americans work harder and harder and get poorer and poorer, f
  12. 🔥THIS!⬇️ something needs to be done cause everyone is like “WTF” We voted the POS out, now do your job @DOJ cause this girl is getting tired,disenchanted & mostly ANGRY w/the whole fukking system. 20

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