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Partner emeritus @Trueventures I was a reporter once. I started GigaOm. I write about tech @ My Tumblr: Subscribe to my FREE Newsletter:

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  1. Sometimes you don't need anything more than just the 3x telephoto lens on your iPhone to get a quick snap of the cloudy cool gray city of mine #Photography #PhotoMonday
  2. Leica M's heritage is over 100 years old and captured some of our history's crucial moments. Photogs have used them for street, journalism, documentary - everything but landscapes. Why? So I took digital Leica M cameras on an adventure. A photo essay! #photography
  3. I have a newsletter. It's not very frequent, so that alone is a reason to sign-up. Plus I recommend things that are actually good. 😋
  4. I got up close and personal with the Emperor Penguins and caught some quiet moments. A short video film about a visit to the frozen continent of Antarctica. #photography #video #landscape #penguins
  5. Wow. You can now get 10 Gbps for $120/mo. The city of Lancaster will be "the first city in California with Internet speeds of up to 10Gbps available to residential homes citywide." And to think so many in US are stuck with crap from Charter & AT&T!
  6. If you want to see some pretty photos of scenes from winter wonderland(s), well, I got a blog post for you to check out. This is a shameless plug for my own photography.
  7. Are M2 Pro/Max this worth the upgrade?

    Apple has launched new M2 chips, M2 Pro and M2 Max. How do they stack up compared to M1 Pro and M1 Max? And is this yet another case of Apple hardware capabilities being ahead of software?
  8. Time, Memories, Friends

    "Time moves in one direction, memory in another” William Gibson. These words came to mind when I read two pieces by Mathew & Wesley. Their stories dovetailed with mine. A good reminder that life is a
  9. Words Matter & lot about the company & what it really values.

    Controversial comment: wants us humans to help make it a vibrant, valuable place. And yet, every single time a new brand/legacy media signs up, the ceo/ founder team welcomes them. In compar
  10. Another reminder is that when looking at "lists" such as 30 under 30, one needs to take them with a pinch of salt. After geniuses from Alameda, FTX + more, we shouldn't take Forbes etc are doing prope
  11. "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." Steve Jobs #quote #newpost
  12. Caption this! I will start with: What Twitter does to Tesla Stock!
  13. This gives a lot of context to the guidance from the FED about crypto risks to banking/financial sector! Amazing that it has taken this long to play out. I bet there is a shoe or two to drop in days a
  14. Why do internet silos win

    The move to decentralized web & the need for maintaining control of one’s digital presence has never been greater. And yet, why do internet silos win? A couple of thoughts in this new blog post.
  15. (Mis)adventures in flying

    I took a quick break for the holidays and went out to take photographs in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The photography was amazing, and I got a chance to connect with nature. I managed to do some hiki
  16. Throwback NYC. Some of my images from 1984 #Broadway #Photography #NewYork
  17. gm 😎

    I am no fan of crypto bros or crypto culture, but I did like how everyone said ‘gm’ (shorthand for good morning.) It did feel very civil — and so don’t see a reason why rest of the internet shouldn’t
  18. What a long, crazy year we have had! My year end post, with my top & favorite posts from the year. Happy New Year, everyone! #happynewyear #2023 I’m
  19. On the road to imperfection

    In 2022, my visual vocabulary found appreciation for error and blur, and, more importantly, I learned that reality is just a perception.(Featuring a few of my favorite photos from 2022!) #philosophy #photography
  20. Cuban & Maher stepped into a pile of shit (their own?)

    The problem with guys like Mark Cuban & Bill Maher is the way they think about San Francisco or any place that doesn’t fit into their narrative reality. It is as if it is not part of their America

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