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Oliver Dowson


Author with an opinion on everything

London UK & Oviedo Spain

Former international business owner now writing books and articles. First book 'There's no business like International Business" (a travelogue) was published in March 2022, first novel The Repurposed Spy cones out in early 2023

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  1. Excellent and disturbing article. No pay wall.
  2. The Feast of the Goat

    On holiday in the Doninican Republic, escaping the northern winter and seeking inspiration for a future book, I decided I should read the definitive historical novel about here - and was surprised to
  3. A month ago, frustrated (like most) with the direction (or lack of it) of social media, I penned this article. Guess I'll have to rewrite now I've discovered Post - just hoping it lives up to its prom
  4. Greetings! And a big Thank You to the team at Post for welcoming me in to the community. I'm really looking forward to making Post my social platform of choice! I've been described by American friend

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