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I’m the wolf guy!

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  1. My Testimony on the #Wolf #Torture by #Sociopath #CodyRoberts

    So, after hours of waiting, the Wyoming Game Commission cut comments off at the 2-hour mark, and many of us didn't get the opportunity to speak. Here are the remarks I prepared. Please feel free to share this broadly or excerpt it as you see fit. My name is Oliver Starr. I’m the Ex
  2. He's serious!
  3. Wolf Conservation Center @nywolforg Wolves and wildlife need your help! Congress will consider spending bills that contain riders that would weaken + undermine the ESA. 1 rider would remove protections for gray wolves + reinstate the 2020 delisting rule. Take action Please click on t
  4. Baby wolf makes her bed.
  5. Though small in absolute numbers, #wolves have an outsized impact. A keystone species, they keep nature in balance and ecosystems healthy. The slaughter taking place in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming is an affront to nature and an abrogation of state stewardship responsibilities
  6. 🌚🐺 #MoonieWolf isn't sure she likes dried mango😆
  7. In celebration of #WolfAwarenessWeek I #StandWithWolves ! #RelistWolves
  8. People ask me what can be done to stop the legalized dog-fighting caused by allowing the use of hounds to hunt wolves. Here's an easy way to take action. Sign this and share it. If 1/4 of my followers do these two 30-second tasks, we can fix this. Isn't it better to see a beautifu
  9. This is one of my favorite photos of ☄️🐺Iqniq from this past winter.
  10. Does anyone out there want to help me buy a world-class BC Ski resort and expand it to include a wolf science and education center? This is not a joke. PM me for details.
  11. ❤️❤️🌚🐺 #MoonieWolf 🌚🐺❤️❤️
  12. 😡🦡 #AngryWeasel 🌚🐺 #MoonieWolf bogarts two rabbits 🐇🐇from 🌞🐺 #SunnyWolf .
  13. Wolf pup with huge feet gives world's boopiest boop! 🌞🐺 #SunnyWolf
  14. Sisters. 🌞🐺 #SunnyWolf 🌚🐺 #MoonieWolf
  15. Nap time for 🌚🐺 #MoonieWolf
  16. Venison shoulder blades for 🌞🐺 #SunnyWolf and 🌚🐺 #MoonieWolf
  17. Fearless Flyer! 🌞🐺 #SunnyWolf takes to the skies.
  18. This #wolf #puppy putting her head in a bucket is the cutest thing you'll see all day. 🌞🐺 #SunnyWolf

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