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Analyst/researcher focus- Kremlin, intel, Eastern Europe. Senior Fellow @CEPA Senior Investigative researcher at the Institute for European Integrity Co-host @kremlinfile podcast Coordinator for @SyriaUkraineSUN Views My Own Twitter: @OlgaNYC1211

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  1. Don't miss our latest must listen to @KremlinFile episode with Eto Buziashvili as we discuss Russia's information warfare and the latest disinformation tactics and narratives Unraveling Russia's Information Warfare' by Kremlin File
  2. Russian officials report massive drone attack on military airfield in Rostov Oblast, Zaporizhia NPP again on verge of blackout as one power line disconnected after Russian shelling, Top manager of Lukoil arrested in bribery case, and much more... Don't forget to subscribe!
  3. Ukraine attacks Shahed drone factory, oil refinery deep inside Russia, Russia murders a detainee, U.S. told Russia that Crocus City Hall was possible target of attack, an investigation into an American company circumventing sanctions, and much more...
  4. Translated into English: Must read investigation of not only an American company circumventing sanctions but the national security risks Copper Mountain Technologies is posing to the United States.
  5. Russian assault on Kharkiv can't be ruled out, chief commander, Russia Doubled Imports of an Explosives Ingredient—With Western Help, Russian authorities export stolen Ukrainian grain to Turkey, Libya, and Israel, Russia's harassment and mass deportation of migrants, and much m
  6. Trump Tyranny Tracker: Your Daily Reminder Since Trump posted that horrifying video of Biden being bound, my reminder today is of Trump's removal of US Ambassador Yovanovitch using dangerous language "Take her out" and the stalking/intimidation campaign that she went underwent by
  7. Latest update on Ukraine, Poland Scrambles Jets Again Due to Russian Missile Attack, Top manager of Rosatom was arrested, Spy networks exposed, an arrest in Latvia, and much more... Today was a very busy news day.
  8. Tyranny Tracker: Your Daily Reminder Since Trump's new grift is selling Bibles for $59.99, today's reminder is how Trump used military officials and AG Barr for a photo op to hold a Bible upside down while protesters in Lafayette Square were gassed. Very reminiscent of Russia
  9. Russian attacks destroy thermal power plant, all substations in Kharkiv, Lukashenko discussed a possible attack on the Suwalki corridor (and Poland), protests continue in Hungary, and much more... Don't forget to subscribe!
  10. Trump Tyranny Tracker: Today's reminder is Trump's Miss Universe pageant at Crocus City Hall and Agalarov's role in the 2016 election, including setting up the infamous Trump Tower meet where Russian agents offered dirt on Clinton.
  11. Don't miss our latest Kremlin File episode with Natia Seskuria as we take a deep dive into Russia's aggressive tactics in Eastern Europe, focusing on Russia’s 2008 Georgia invasion, Ukraine asymmetric warfare, information operations, cyberattacks, and much more ‪Also don’t forget
  12. Newly emerged evidence shows how Hungary and Russia worked together during the 2020 Slovak elections to help the Slovak government stay in power, Orban acted as a middleman. Take note America
  13. Fire reported at several Russian oil refineries after alleged Ukrainian drone attack, EU Firms Supply $630Mln in Equipment to Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 Project Despite Sanctions, Russia, China and Iran began joint naval exercises, and much more... Don't forget to subscribe!
  14. Russia has made gains in Ukraine and things feel bleak yet there are some positive steps out of Europe, including many finally beginning to wake up to the threat Russia poses to European security. A lot more needs to be done. My latest for ⁦‪@cepa
  15. Since Hitler is in the news again (can't believe I have to say this in America), today's Trump Tyranny Tracker reminder is Trump's echoing of Hitler and love for all tyrants and their egregious murderous acts
  16. Don't miss the latest @KremlinFile as we speak with Ilya Zaslavskiy about the Kremlin's frontmen (oligarchs), their operations in the West, and effective sanctions measures that can be taken to stop Russia 'Kremlin File: Unveiling Russia's Kremligarchs with Ilya Zaslavskiy (Part
  17. Trump Tyranny Tracker: In light of Trump’s meeting with dictator Orban, a proxy of Russia, today’s reminder is Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Putin, the ultimate betrayal.
  18. Russian hackers breached key Microsoft systems, Murdoch gets engaged to Elena Zhukova (Roman Abramovich's ex-mother-in-law), Europe kicked out Vladimir Putin’s spies. Now they’re back, US and several other countries have issued an urgent advisory warning citizens, and much more!
  19. Murdoch is engaged to Zuchova, Roman Abramovich’s former mother in law. Hope he enjoys his new Russian FSB/ mafia family 🤦🏼‍♀️ For Americans, nothing will change drastically because FOX news is already Russian Pravda
  20. Don't miss the latest Kremlin File episode as we speak with Neil Barnet and delve into Russia's aggressive tactics on the global stage, particularly focusing on its operations against NATO, support for far-right groups, manipulation of proxies like Viktor Orban

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