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  1. In an interview, one prisoner said he spent more than 24 hours in a shower stall and was never let out to use the restroom.
  2. Her pregnancy was non-viable and her life was at risk but Oklahoma Law Prevented an Abortion

    Her pregnancy was non-viable and her life was at risk but Magon’s doctor said Oklahoma law prohibited the care she needed. “This was one of the hardest moments of my life and Oklahoma really kicked me when I was down.” Via Whitney Bryen #abortionrights #Oklahoma
  3. Oklahoma Lawmakers Weigh Restrictions on Ranked-choice Voting

    A coalition of voter advocacy groups and some elected officials say the preference-based voting system helps reduce negative campaigning and gives a greater voice to third-party and independent voters.
  4. Pottawatomie County Jail Concealed Deaths of Detainees in Need of Mental Health Care

    NEW: Pottawatomie County jail concealed the deaths of 7 detainees leaving vulnerable Oklahomans at risk and the married couple that runs the jail unchecked. The latest by Whitney Bryen
  5. In 2018, one in three male prisoners were housed in a private prison. The number could be zero as soon as next year.
  6. Oklahoma Public Employees Pension System Takes Exemption to Banking Law

    One of Oklahoma’s largest pension systems, with more than $10 billion in assets, can continue to do business with BlackRock after trustees voted on an exemption to the law, the Oklahoma Energy Discrimination Elimination Act. #okleg #okgov #ESG #pension
  7. Afghan Refugee Resettlement Highlights Inequities for All Vulnerable Oklahomans

    “Early on there were just a lot of medical appointments,” Poynter said, explaining that beyond maternity care, most of the family needed lots of dental work. “It was nonstop. We were back and forth to the dentist.”
  8. Elite Oklahoma High School Plagued By Complaints of Sexual Harassment

    Women who worked at OSSM, a public high school for advanced math and science students, said they felt like they were living through their own “Me Too” movement.
  9. What a State Business Decision Means For Veterans in Talihina

    “When they tell me I’m gone, well, I’m gone. It’s like going on deployment for a year or so, waiting to go home.” — Jimmie Billings, 84, a career Navy veteran
  10. Broadband Providers Raise Coverage Concerns Over Millions In Relief Funding

    The Oklahoma Broadband Office is overseeing more than $1.1 billion in federal funding to expand broadband throughout the state. But some existing providers have questions about duplicating coverage. #broadband #ARPA #okleg
  11. Homeless Youth Walk a Hidden Path in Rural Oklahoma

    Homeless youth living without a parent or guardian in Oklahoma increased by 29% from 2020 to 2022 — one of the largest increases in the nation. Two Woodward teens are part of this increase.
  12. Experts: Money Alone Can’t Solve Mental Health Access Issues in Rural Jails

    Voters will see the results from approving State Question 781, but the funding for rehabilitative care may remain unequal across the state.
  13. Legal Challenge Filed Against Publicly Funded Religious Charter School

    Opponents of the Catholic virtual charter school say it’s unlawful because it will discriminate against students and teach religious curriculum in violation of state law and the state constitution.
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  15. Oklahoma AG Wants Law Firms To Investigate Winter Storm Natural Gas Costs

    “It’s important to understand our oil and gas industry is not to blame. It is equally important to understand that our utility companies are not to blame. But make no mistake: There are indeed guilty parties who are to blame.” — @Okla_OAG
  16. Most Oklahoma Jails Failed Health Department Inspections in 2022

    Unless their jails are continually cited for the same repeated deficiencies, administrators face no formal repercussions for housing detainees in unsanitary or dangerous conditions.
  17. Paul Monies reports on the state's blacklisting of financial institutions that aren't fossil-fuel friendly, Keaton Ross explains that 60% of Oklahoma jails failed health inspections last year, and Jennifer Palmer talks about the education department's delays in filling open recor
  18. OKC Police Abandoned Man in Mental Health Crisis on Roadside Before Fatal Crash

    An Oklahoma City police sergeant left a man who had schizophrenia and was under the influence of drugs on the side of the road. Within 5 minutes, that man stepped in front of a truck and died. Read Whitney Bryen’s latest on mental health and policing.
  19. Jennifer Palmer has covered the Governor's Emergency Education Relief Funds with our friends at The Frontier since May 2022. Check out this link to read all of our coverage. #OKLED
  20. Auditor: Oklahoma Spent Millions of Federal Dollars Incorrectly

    A private school voucher program was supposed to help families impacted financially by the pandemic. Instead, it awarded funds to more than 1,000 families who didn’t need it and ran out of funds for others who did.

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