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  1. The City of Oklahoma City is addressing homelessness systematically. This is the latest.
  2. What to do about those who too casually enter railroad rights of way?
  3. A new effort to keep people, and especially the homeless from being injured or killed around railroad rights of way.
  4. At the Annual Okla City Bombing Memorial service, Okla City Mayor David Holt said that the power of the annual OKC Bombing remembrance has not diminished over the years, but increased.
  5. Long days, weeks, years on the road, and Oklahoma's John Calvin Abney's voice is paying the price. Now, a new all-instrumental album is intended to pay for vocal cord surgery.
  6. 'Strong Neighborhoods Initiative' makes progress for livability
  7. In a rare instance, owner and management are all in for employee's unionizing
  8. How to plug in to some of OKC's most popular yearly spring events!
  9. There are plenty of affordable options in downtown OKC for good food. Brett Fieldcamp has the details.
  10. Multicounty Grand Jury recommends end to Okla County Jail Trust and return of Jail ops to Sheriff

    The state multicounty grand jury has released its report on the investigation into the Oklahoma County Jail and the Jail Trust. They found so many problems, they recommend the body dissolve itself.
  11. There are a lot of past tenses and long-foregone conclusions all over “Calamity,” the newest album from Plain Speak, and their first full-length effort in eight and a half years. -- Music and film with Brett Fieldcamp by True Sky Fed Credit Union
  12. The Oklahoma City Police Department decided to release the dashcam and bodycam footage of the arrest of OKCPD Capt. James French for DUI. -- Editor Brett Dickerson reports #crime
  13. First-time collaboration of two community housing development organizations: -- Brett Fieldcamp reports #housing #okc
  14. OKC City Council candidates sharpen ideas at OSU-OKC forum

    Three of the five candidates for Wards 6 & 8 seats on the Oklahoma City Council engaged in a forum, Friday, Feb. 3. Brianna Garcia has the rundown.

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