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Too Close to Maralago

Mom, Grandma Blue Collar Dem, Dog Lover Palm Beach County Florida We're not all nuts here! Ohwell561 on Twitter

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  1. I forgot I had this ap. At Threads mostly. Congratulations to all the BLUEWAVE voters who kicked REPUBLICANS ass last night!
  2. An Oklahoma woman with a cancerous pregnancy said she was told to wait in the parking lot until she was sick enough to get an abortion
  3. Shutting up Trump?
  4. It's raining! Been a while, pardon my enthusiasm. #SouthFlorida
  5. This week in Florida...JFC #FreeFloridaIsACon
  6. Florida Homeowners Insurance Crisis Free Florida is a con.
  7. "You ban books. You ban drag. But kids are still in body bags." Sing it Gen Z. You have found your voice. Remember, there is nothing more patriotic than dissent!
  8. Great follow btw
  9. Palm Beach Faily News

    Sunday edition of Palm Beach Daily News (The Shiny Sheet) has Trumps indictment on page 10A. Pretending it's not happening will not make it go away.
  10. This:
  11. Yup
  12. TGIF

    When your office coworker who lives for self imposed drama keeps walking around sighing waiting for someone to ask what's wrong and no one will. Happy Friday!
  13. This.
  14. Just had to verify account here. Anyone else?
  15. GOP Controlled Florida In the Pocket of Insurance Companies
  16. Lots of well-satiated face-eating leopards down in Florida it seems. Maybe they should have a golf-cart parade to protest.

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