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  1. Just a quick word of thanks for how amazingly stupid Trump and those around him have been in his criminal undertakings. It is a very big deal to go after a former president - even bigger to go after a former president currently running for the presidency. The govt needed to hav
  2. Please explain to me why the coverage says, "Plea deal collapses," when it should say, "In a rare move, Hunter Biden and his attorney withdrawal from a bad and hasty deal made with a Trump-appointed judge and a GOP prosecutor."
  3. For Sinéad. I hope you find peace at last. 🖤 “I don't know no shame I feel no pain …”
  4. Medicare for All would save $450B a year. Every dollar spent on food stamps generates $1.50-$1.80 in economic activity. Each dollar going to low-wage workers adds $1.20 to the economy overall. It’s not about what this country can or can’t afford. It’s about priorities.
  5. This from the former First Lady: “I wanted to share some of my thoughts on today's Supreme Court decision on affirmative action:” #Post #BlackPost #SCOTUS
  6. Summer mod cut. 🙌
  7. Re-upping this one.
  8. Me my best Georgie girl.
  9. There’s an app! Hurrah!
  10. Jon Stewart on Trump, the most pampered criminal in our country's history. Any other working class American would've been sentenced to prison a long time ago.
  11. True. 😍
  12. House to hold a contempt hearing for FBI Director Wray. Rep. Jamie Raskin viewed the non-classified document last eve & found no grounds for investigating the garbage House complaint that V.P. Biden did something wrong regarding Ukraine. Rudi is the one seeking the investigation.
  13. Fairly simple really.
  14. Happy Pride!
  15. A blind man could see what's going on here at this point.
  16. Los Angeles Times on CNN’s Trump Town Hall: “Donald Trump is a disgraced former president, wannabe autocrat, sexual predator and unremorseful seditionist, the first ever to deny his electoral defeat and to incite an insurrection. He faces possible criminal indictment for those ac

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