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  1. A poll result from Twitter (9,000+ respondents):
  2. Merry Christmas!
  3. URGENT!!! Twitter is now BANNING all accounts that link to Post.News. A mass purging of pro-democracy Twitter accounts appears imminent. Please consider BOOSTING this post and encourage everyone to fo
  4. Now THIS is how you hold truth to power.
  5. Thinking about the former president and his attack on the Constitution: "There is a cruel irony that he invokes the Founding Fathers in his anti-democratic delirium. They wrote the Constitution as a
  6. Glad I left Twitter.
  7. Let's get something clear. Literally no Democrat cares if Hunter Biden is prosecuted if he committed crimes. He's not elected—we're not a cult. We just call it absurd that MAGAs—who let Kushner & Ivanka

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