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Chronic patient, amateur researcher & advocate


Former LCSW, fit, athletic, DOER. <50 CRC ‘survivor.’ Amateur passionate researcher. Battle multiple chronic, “rare,” neurotoxicity & autoimmune disorders/illnesses. Currently dealing w/ above…silent illness, young adult kids, grey divorce, QOL, passion for knowledge, honesty, advocacy, democracy & growing/giving back via my TINY business PWP:Inspired 💜💪💙

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  1. By Robert Reich Friends, Today I want to talk with you about an uncomfortable topic that needs much more open discussion than it’s receiving: America’s extraordinarily high level of anxiety. A panel of medical experts has recommended that doctors screen all patients under 65, includ
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  3. The linked article resonates deeply. Chronic illness results in not just stages, but additional diagnoses, new losses are a part of chronic illness so many don’t see. I’ve grieved what #cancer took,
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  5. Proud to be the mom of a beautiful rainbow soul 💗

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