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  1. NO on I‑2117 launches new website and video urging Washingtonians to defend the Climate Commitment Act

    By Andrew Villeneuve The broad, diverse, and growing coalition to defeat Initiative 2117 today unveiled a new website as well as a launch video laying out the case for voting NO on Brian Heywood and Jim Walsh’s attempt to repeal the Climate Commitment Act this autumn. “Washington S
  2. One-on-one with Hilary Franz: Why Washington’s Commissioner of Public Lands wants to succeed Derek Kilmer in Congress

    By Owen Averill Editor’s Note : This is the first installment in a series about the leading 2024 candidates for Washington’s 6th Congressional District. In January of 2025, Washington’s Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz hopes to be the newest Democratic member of one of the
  3. Is Dave Reichert up, or is he down? According to his campaign, the answer is yes 

    By Andrew Villeneuve With the August Top Two election drawing near, Republican Dave Reichert’s campaign is getting increasingly aggressive — and desperate — in its chase for dollars, hoping to winnow Bob Ferguson’s fundraising lead and secure the resources needed to wage a credibl
  4. Help Chickadee Bakeshop and other Snoqualmie businesses recover from a devastating fire

    By Andrew Villeneuve It may be a beautiful sunny day around the greater Seattle area, but in the historic City of Snoqualmie, it’s a dark day for several small businesses that lost their home to a devastating fire this morning that destroyed everything. Built in 1928, the two-story
  5. Beyond the game: Lessons from the cultural parallels between women’s college basketball and American politics

    By Erin Jones Were you one of the 18.7 million viewers of the Women’s Division I Championship game? If not, you missed out on an incredible spectacle of athleticism and a dramatic story of triumph and disappointment. For those of you who didn’t watch, because you do not believe wom
  6. Rebecca Saldaña bows out of 2024 contest for Commissioner of Public Lands

    By Andrew Villeneuve Democratic State Senator Rebecca Saldaña has decided against continuing with her 2024 candidacy of Commissioner of Public Lands, reducing the number of credible Democratic hopefuls to three and improving the party’s chances of avoiding a general election locko
  7. Multiple bridges on the Columbia River are vulnerable to ship strike, New York Times story notes

    By Andrew Villeneuve For the opening of our story here on The Cascadia Advocate about the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore last week , I suggested that readers contemplate what would happen if there were a similar disaster on the maritime border between Washing
  8. Mainstream Republicans of Washington unveil endorsements in four 2024 statewide races

    By Joel Connelly The Mainstream Republicans of Washington are seeking to restore streamflow after many years parched of influence, watching Democrats hold onto power while the far right has taken what used to be the party of Lincoln on a losing streak. To that end, the Mainstreamer
  9. Lynnwood Link extension slated to open to the public on August 30th, 2024, Sound Transit announces

    By Andrew Villeneuve Long-awaited light rail service to Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, and Lynnwood will begin shortly before Labor Day this year, Sound Transit announced today. “The 8.5‑mile segment will add four new stations: Shoreline South/148th St., Shoreline North/185th St., M
  10. Poll Watch: Right wing firm Echelon Insights drops another skewed survey to boost Dave Reichert’s gubernatorial ambitions

    By Andrew Villeneuve Washington State’s right wing movement is once again circulating skewed survey data to make the argument that one of its top candidates this cycle has far better prospects than they really have, in what appears to be a reprise of their failed attempt in 2022 t
  11. 2024 24th LD Senate race takes shape as Democratic State Representative Mike Chapman and Republican Marcia Kelbon vie to succeed Kevin Van De Wege

    By Tobias Zimmerman Last summer, Washington State Senator Kevin Van De Wege announced he’d seek higher office rather than running for reelection to the Senate. That has created an open seat in a predominantly rural district that remarkably remains all-Democratic despite the Republ
  12. Dave Upthegrove earns key endorsements from Washington Conservation Action, former Commissioner Peter Goldmark

    By Andrew Villeneuve Dave Upthegrove’s campaign to become Washington State’s next Commissioner of Public Lands is rolling into the season of renewal with a huge amount of momentum after earning two pivotal endorsements that could help the King County Council Chair stake out a posi
  13. Redmond Health Through Housing project moves closer to welcoming residents

    By Andrew Villeneuve A former Silver Cloud Inn in Redmond’s Overlake neighborhood is only a few weeks away from welcoming people who are experiencing homelessness, King County staff shared today at a media and community event celebrating the forthcoming opening of the county’s Red
  14. Many Washington State legislators are hosting 2024 post-session town halls and community chats — here’s a running guide

    By Andrew Villeneuve Next week, it will have already been a month since the 2024 Washington State Legislature adjourned Sine Die (meaning, with no expectation of returning). Governor Jay Inslee has finished working through all of the legislation that lawmakers sent him, even the b
  15. Jettisoned by Trump, Ronna McDaniel tried a pivot into media, only to discover accountability exists outside of Donald’s cult

    By Joel Connelly Ronna Romney McDaniel used a famous family name as she rose in Michigan politics, until she was tapped by Donald Trump to chair the Republican National Committee. Trump directed her to stop using the name “Romney”. McDaniel not only complied but went on to attack
  16. NPI’s Cascadia Advocate celebrates twenty years of continuous publication

    By Andrew Villeneuve Today is a very special day in the history of NPI’s Cascadia Advocate. Today, this blog — the primary medium through which we at the Northwest Progressive Institute share our perspective on politics and current events — turns twenty years old. It’s a huge milest
  17. Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge collapses after catastrophic overnight ship strike

    By Andrew Villeneuve Imagine if one of the vitally important bridges linking Washington and Oregon was hit by a big cargo ship and fell into the Columbia River. That is what happened last night in Baltimore, where a disabled ship slammed into the support structure of the Francis S
  18. Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun to leave, in news that will be welcome to many Washingtonians

    By Andrew Villeneuve Aviation giant Boeing announced today that CEO Dave Calhoun will depart the company at the end of this year, while Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal will retire effective immediately and Board Chair Larry Kellner won’t run for re-election at the company’s upc
  19. Chaotic House Republican majority shrivels again as Johnson faces motion to vacate

    By Joel Connelly The Republican-ruled U.S. House of Representatives has once again become a broken home, with a promising lawmaker deciding to leave before his current term ends and the latest House Speaker, Mike Johnson, on the ropes. Representative Mike Gallagher, R‑Wisconsin ann
  20. New 2024 legislative maps offer historic opportunities for Latino representation and Democratic pickups across Washington

    By Andrew Hong After the successful Soto Palmer v. Hobbs Voting Rights Act lawsuit, Washington State finally finished its second state legislative district redistricting process this decade, with new state legislative district maps sent to the Secretary of State for the 2024 elect

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