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I have been called a "bleeding heart liberal" my entire life. I think I was supposed to be insulted... I took it as a compliment 😉

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  1. My mini dachshund turned 2 today. She had a party with all of her dog friends. We sang Happy Birthday, they had cake, and there were gifts. That's normal, right?
  2. Welcome to all of our new users! I put together this Post Getting Started guide to help you navigate the product, see current functionality, learn about known bugs, and find out what upcoming features
  3. Modified version
  4. It's #caturday. My cats are busy not staying still. I cannot take their picture. 🤦‍♀️
  5. I have a ton of posters at the former place that I was so sad I might never find again. But you amazing people here have found them and re-post them. I have only been here for about 12 hours and I am
  6. So far I really like it here. It's so calm. 🥰
  7. My puppies. Mr. Mann and Dharma. With Tucker in the background. #PetsofPost
  8. Just read my email telling me it was my turn to start up here! That was fast! Now I have to look around and try to figure this out.

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