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Katy Perry


I’m not THAT Katy Perry.

Bend, Oregon

West Coast, prefer mountains to cities, I like to cook. Went to college for too many years and ended up a winemaker. I also love photographing street art.

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  1. Sorry I’ve been away, we have lots of skiing to do right now!
  2. Felt inspired to watch Talking Heads videos of Burning Down the House today. They make so much more sense than what’s going on in congress.
  3. Happy Holidays, try to have fun and be healthy.
  4. This is spot on for me.
  5. Some days I just have to fake it until I make it. That’s what this says to me. It’s one of those days.
  6. Late summer grapes

    One of the prettiest pics of my grapes. I wish you could taste these intensely sweet and aromatic beauties, it’s an explosion of flavor in the mouth.
  7. #postplaces #streetart Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love these two big garage door monsters.
  8. #streetart #postplaces Guanajuato Mexico I love the dog over the grungy box for some reason.
  9. The last of the 2022 wines are “put to bed”
  10. Hey 👋
  11. Yes, winemaking is ALWAYS this glamorous.
  12. #postplaces Mt Bachelor, Oregon. A precarious entrance to a secret stash of powder. Worth the risk.
  13. Three Sisters, Oregon #postplaces never gets old! Never.
  14. My very ripe Chardonnay grapes.😋😋😋 pic taken in October. can’t even start to tell you how tasty they were. It’s now in the form of wine aging in French oak barrels.
  15. Anyone know where djt’s and/or jr’s meltdown are being live streamed? I’d go for pay per view.
  16. Please Georgia, do the right thing today! Team blue go get ‘em.
  17. What’s a girl to do when she discovers a bunch of saffron in the cupboard? Make paella 🥘
  18. #postplaces Tildio Winery. Didn’t know winemaking could be this cold.
  19. #postplaces Mt Bachelor, Or. backside of the Mt, my happy place. BTW, bright colors so we can find each other in the trees.
  20. My rose fermenting, cold and slow.

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