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Mom, spouse, past president AFT Local 1917, union activist, environmentalist, reader, dog owner, voter.

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  1. By Max Tani The Scoop Warner Bros. Discovery’s search for an outsider to run CNN has taken it to two high-profile veterans of the BBC. Semafor broke the news last week that a leading contender for the job is Mark Thompson, the former New York Times and BBC chief. But the company has
  2. By Casey Stocksill, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Denver The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work. The big idea Poor preschoolers get fewer chances than wealthier children to bring their prized personal possessions to school. That’s what I
  3. By Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN Millions and millions of photographs have been taken of American presidents. But none like this. The mug shot of Donald Trump instantly became one of the most iconic images of anyone who served as commander in chief. Inmate No. P01135809 stares o
  4. Unbridled support for SAG-AFTRA!
  5. She makes a great few points, no? So I have to ask: What the hell is wrong with half the voters?
  6. Thank you for explaining this.
  7. Yes. Library kids will save the world.
  8. The myth that citizens can out-organize voter suppression is not just wrong, it is dangerous. It minimizes the real world effects of repeated, targeted suppression laws. It shifts the burden from the suppressors to the voters.
  9. The investigation spotlight should be & should have been on these two & other family members long ago!
  10. Gym Jordan next
  11. With the blessings of tribal leaders and our beloved Interior Secretary, President Biden signed an order today to protect close to a million acres of a confederation of local Grand Canyon tribe’s ancestral homelands. @LakotaMan1
  12. President Biden announced a new national monument in Arizona today, protecting close to a million acres of land surrounding the Grand Canyon that are important to nearby Native American tribes. The Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni–Ancestral Footprints of the Grand Canyon National Monume
  13. Ohio voters reject a ballot measure that would have made it harder to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution.
  14. BREAKING: In a huge win for democracy and reproductive rights, Ohio voters reject Republican-backed Issue 1. The measure would have raised the threshold for voters to amend the state constitution and made it harder to pass a pro-choice ballot measure in November.
  15. Thank goodness.
  16. By Dan Rather (Photo by Samuel Corum) A thunderclap hits the headlines. How long does it take for the full impact to sink in? Can we even comprehend all that it implies? While we knew another indictment for Donald Trump was likely, it is impossible to be fully prepared. There will be
  17. #Wisconsin
  18. Donald Trump is an enemy of the United States, Tom Nichols writes, and after today’s indictment Americans must “put a shoulder to the wheel and defend our republic in every peaceful, legal, and civilized way they can.”
  19. Kenneth Cheeseborough, devised Fake Electors Scheme, Appears to Be Unindicted Co-Conspirator No.5 #Explore #Politics
  20. Rudy Giuliani John Eastman Sidney Powell Jeffrey Clark Kenneth Chesebro “Co-conspirator 6” is described in the indictment as a “political consultant” #Indictment #Democracy #Politics #Republicans #GOP #Election2024 #EspionageAct #Justice

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