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Sr. Fellow at Brookings, Chair at States United & Legal Analyst at CNN. But all views my own only! Tweets by “TN”= Team Norm.

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  1. 2023 will be the year of accountability and consequences—it must be. They’re among the strongest tools we have @statesunited for preventing another #January6th.
  2. Our team at @statesunited is now on Post! Never miss a democracy update.
  3. The 1/6 comm. demonstrated its seriousness of purpose w/ its criminal referrals How? They put themselves in the minds of prosecutors & refused to put forth a laundry list of defendants I explain w/ Fre
  4. The 1/6 committee's referrals make clear to prosecutors & to Americans just how dangerous the attempted coup was They also demonstrate how vulnerable our system was (and is) to such assaults. Fred Wer
  5. The 1/6 committee honored its duty and the Constitution yesterday The facts left no room for question: these hearings had to end with criminal referrals against Donald Trump & his minions Fred Wertheim
  6. Our analysis of the 2020 false elector scheme reveals “a factual and legal basis” for investigating “those officials who took election denial movement to its logical conclusion: potential criminal wro
  7. False electors played a critical role in the effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election. Even as the election-denial movement suffered at the ballot box this year, the question arises: Will we s
  8. 2 years ago this week, as states prepared for the Dec 14 Electoral College vote, Trump campaign officials & dozens of election deniers were allegedly plotting to falsify electoral slates Will they be i
  9. (Most) election deniers lost at the ballot box this year. But what about accountability in 2023? We explore what investigations of the 2020 false electors might look like in our latest Brookings blog👇
  10. GA investigators have been digging into the 2020 false electors scheme for months but what about the 6 other states where false slates were submitted? We unpack their potential criminal exposure in our

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