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Sevenoaks, England

The Noose is my safe place. If it's come from here I'll stand behind it. Life's too short so enjoy it while you can. fans always welcome GYFHG🇨🇦🇬🇧

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  1. A bit more AI...

    Whatcha think...? The Habs game against the Panthers featured some terrible reffing calls. Here's what should be done. 100 words The recent Canadiens game against the Panthers featured several question
  2. What the AI...?

    Trying out some AI sites... So I've been reading a lot about these new AI sites that do a lot of work for you with minimal input. Decided to have a go with the following on a fairly popular site backe
  3. I did not know this...
  4. Hey guys and girls... Excited to have joined Post... What's new?

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