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🌊💙🏳️‍🌈#BlueCrew Lover of peace, animals & freedom. Mom, Teacher. She/her. Be kind, think locally, act globally. #SlavaUrainii🌻 I follow back. Vote Blue!💙

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  1. Slava Ukraïni
  2. The GQP hates women.
  3. The first of many long term consequences of the most Fascist, un-patriotic president in US history. #womensrights #roevwade #mybodymychoice
  4. US will send Patriot Missiles to Ukraine- Finally #SlavaUkraïni #StandWithUkraine #russiaIsATerroristState #russiaWillLose
  5. So it’s not just the people buying tickets to his show that are “the good ones,” it’s only the people buying EXPENSIVE tickets. That’s… interesting insight into his psyche, right?
  6. I agree they are just evil. Capital Police protected them on Jan6th! Capital Police were severely I hired & even died!!
  7. Toys for kids by a rockin' lady.
  8. Toys for kids by a rockin' lady.
  9. I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my Twitter post and followed and shared and helped me find you guys here. You’re the best! 💙✨
  10. Dr. Timothy Snyder on the Debts the Free World owes to Ukraine

    "Timothy Snyder is an outstanding historian and a true friend of Ukraine, who tells the whole world about the importance of Ukraine, its true history, values, the way they were shaped, and why we need
  11. They don't understand what "Antifa" means either! You know why? Because the GOP has been attacking & defunding American Education for DECADES. They want our youth to be ignorant & incapable of questio
  12. Don’t ever say your vote doesn’t count. This election was not only decided by one vote, it also resulted in a flipped seat to D from R.

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