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  1. Today's goals for release

    We've got a big update coming today that will stabilize a few things, like "page transition behavior", the overall responsiveness of the app, and jitteriness around loading feeds. While we are updating and confirming, you may experience a few issues. Bare with us, and tag @janete
  2. Purchase Button Behavior

    Good morning Posties! @janete and I wanted to make sure you understand one significant change in Post behavior when it comes to purchasing. When you click on the main body of a premium post, it will take you to the full article page where you can choo
  3. Notification fixes.

    Those of you with notification list issues should be clear with a fresh app reboot. Please let me know if your notification list is still down.
  4. ISO: Steps to break the "New Post" composer.

    I've seen a few alerts about "Create New Post" flows sometimes losing the data before its posted. If anyone has steps we can take to reproduce it, please let me know. So far, we've heard that using Hyperlinks can get it into a funky state, but we've not yet been able to reproduce
  5. Read More Bug Fix

    Reboot your apps to get the latest fix that makes "Read More" work in your feeds, along with a fix that made "Read More" disappear on certain posts with multiple emojis.
  6. ISO: People who can't see Emojis

    If you are one of the folks who see weird emoji characters instead of actual emojis, could you please respond with your Device / Operating System / Browser? Thanks much!
  7. Like Lists, and other things.

    Morning all, we are gearing up for the big batch of updates I promised you earlier this week. Friday we released a small update to prep, and that made the "Likes List" go away. This will return Monday evening after our weekend data migration is complete. Thanks for hanging in the
  8. Morning y'all! Likes for iPad safari users should be working again. Give the old app a reboot and let me know! cc @janete
  9. First batch of updates just went live. The most important one is that our "not really logged out" bug should be resolved. If your app still logs you out after the latest update, please let me know.
  10. Push Notif Preview Popup

    Here’s a peek at an upgrade coming Monday. Push Notif previews from a revived app state. This will fix the β€œI booted to a random page” bug some of you reported.
  11. Stability updates on the way. Cleared up a long list of issues reported earlier this week, expect them to clear testing between Monday and Wednesday of this week. Stay tuned!
  12. Every #superbowl halftime artist should have to roller skate from here on out
  13. We’ve got a fix for this coming today. Emails should resume by tomorrow
  14. πŸ’•
  15. Emojis are here! πŸ’•πŸ¦„

    We have lots in the works right now, but I wanted to share with you that we just launched emojis! πŸ₯³ 😁 πŸ† To include them in posts or comments, use a colon (:) the same way you would use an @ to tag a friend. If you don’t see emojis in my post, be sure to update your apps! If you h
  16. Thank you Janete and the rest of #TeamPost for always being so open and receptive to our input, for coming out with updates and fixes at a fast and furious pace, and for always having such a positive attitude about things πŸ™πŸ» You guys are the best! πŸ† @noel
  17. Hi all! Today's update has three improvements you've been asking for: comment notification labels, comment drafts, and viewing replies in-place. Comments & posts are labeled in Notifications: We now have drafts in the comment input field. If you dismiss the comment UI, your comment
  18. Sneak peek at a nice lil' update coming soon.
  19. It's here! The emergency episode of Jack! Join Andy McCabe and me as we break down today's DC Circuit Court's ruling on presidential immunity!
  20. What is it that folks about Trump Economics like? The lopsided tax cuts to the wealthiest? The lack of jobs & sluggish economic growth? Spending & mismanagement triggered inflation? @POTUS has delivered lowest unemployment, highest jobs & gang busters economic growth!

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