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United in colors & diversity of faiths. I am interested in history and world politics, and worried about the rise of neofascism, ultranationalism, violence and intolerance. Also, climate change should be of greater concern to us all.

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  1. Cartoon published in La Presse , Québec, Canada. "Biden or Trump, an exciting choice for the American election"
  2. Netanyahu/Nosferatu heading to Rafah

    Cartoon published in La Presse , Québec, Canada. A Jewish lobby group forced La Presse to apologize and withdraw the cartoon. "Nosfenyahu heading to Rafah."
  3. As the world’s attention has shifted to the Iran-Israel conflict, the war crimes in Gaza continue. It’s so bleak.
  4. Israel launched an unprovoked attack against an Iranian Embassy which is a crime under international law. Iran retaliated by launching missiles at Israel. Now Israel is planning another attack because they know we will finance it. Israel is an outlaw rogue, criminal nation that
  5. Israel ignores Biden again: It's a good reminder that Israel is not America's ally and Biden will endlessly jabber but never actually take action. Reminder: Isreal attacked Iran's sovereign territory, murdering 13 of its embassy staff Iran responded to defend its sovereignty Isr
  6. Why did the USA, France and UK help Israel intercept irans missiles? Israel won’t stop its terrorism until it faces consequences and other countries stop protecting their terrorism.
  7. Israel bombs and embassy and murders 13 embassy staff The country bombed by Israel responds Israel plans to retaliate? Israel is a terrorist state America must end all aid to Israel The world must stand against Israel’s terrorism
  8. How come the United States and the United Kingdom, have no problem shooting down enemy drones for Israel, but when it comes to Ukraine, they can't help at all? They say they are afraid of entering into a war with Russia, but have no fears of entering a war with Iran and Iran is n
  9. Can you imagine if Palestinians did this? Biden would have already flown to Israel to hug fascist Netanyahu. It’s sadly just a normal day for Israeli settler terrorists.
  10. Why We Must Restrict U.S. Arms Sales to Israel
  11. I keep imagining how different the reaction would be if Netanyahu’s son and (hypothetical) grandson were killed by Hamas operatives. And here’s where I remind you that Palestinian life has been made so cheap that people are basically shrugging at this assassination.
  12. By Yasmeen Serhan When Israel launched its retaliatory war to root out Hamas from Gaza in the aftermath of the group’s Oct. 7 massacre, it had the overwhelming support of a horrified world. Six months on, Gaza lies in ruin. Its 2.3 million population, most of whom have been intern
  13. The Democratic senator also called for an independent investigation into a strike that killed seven World Central Kitchen volunteers. By Elizabeth Beyer, USA TODAY NETWORK Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., on Friday called for an independent investigation into a strike that killed seven World
  14. Former President Donald Trump, during a private gathering with wealthy donors in Palm Beach, Florida, reiterated his commitment to extending his signature tax cuts for the affluent, among other key issues such as energy production, border security, and reducing inflation. The eve
  15. By Gustaf Kilander Jose Andres said that Israel is waging a “war against humanity” after drone strikes killed seven aid workers from the celebrity chef’s organisation World Central Kitchen (WCK). On 1 April, the aid workers were leaving a warehouse in two armoured cars with WCK log
  16. Seven World Central Kitchen aid workers were killed in an Israeli airstrike last week, a devastating moment that prompted international condemnation. By David Jackson, USA TODAY WASHINGTON – Chef and philanthropist José Andrés says Israeli attacks in Gaza that have killed civilians
  17. By: Kanishka Singh WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Representative Nancy Pelosi, former House speaker and a key ally of Joe Biden, signed a letter on Friday from dozens of congressional Democrats to the president and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, urging a halt to weapons transfers to I
  18. Don’t look away. This is what malnutrition is doing to children in Gaza.

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