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  1. By Dan Rather (Photo by Jeff Swensen) Donald Trump can win the 2024 presidential election. That is not to say he will win, or even that he is likely to win. But it is, at this point, a distinct possibility. For millions of Americans, this reality is a source of unbridled euphoria.
  2. Wow, everything is happening today!
  3. In his goofy attacks on pop culture targets, Ted Cruz counts on his audience being as misinformed as he is.
  4. Kevin McCarthy is sure between a rock and a hard place and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving jerk
  5. Wow, everything is happening today!
  6. In his goofy attacks on pop culture targets, Ted Cruz counts on his audience being as misinformed as he is.
  7. If Tuberville’s Republican colleagues are letting him get away with undermining his own country’s military, then it will be that much more difficult for them to avoid the blame.
  8. A judge is forcing Donald Trump to sit for yet another deposition in yet another lawsuit. Since by definition these depositions require Trump to speak out loud, they never go well for him.
  9. Tommy Tuberville's blockade on military nominees was already indefensible. But as the Marine Corps finds itself without a confirmed commandant for the first time in 164 years, today's the day the Alabama Republican's tactics get noticeably worse.
  10. "Donald Trump spent the day before his historic appearance in federal court scrambling to find a qualified Florida lawyer willing to join his defense team as he faces the Justice Department’s first prosecution of a former president."
  11. Facing a possible indictment in the classified documents case, Donald Trump and his lawyers are begging for a meeting with Attorney General Merrick Garland. It's a desperation move — which won't work.
  12. "Seniors nationwide are on the front lines of the fight to raise the debt ceiling, because if the federal government can’t make a June 2 payment slated for Social Security recipients, the oldest beneficiaries — those over 88 — and people with disabilities will be the first to suf
  13. "The unusually detailed nature of his notes is said to have irritated Trump, who only learned about them after the notes themselves were subpoenaed."
  14. The GOP’s debt ceiling plan would mean: -A reduction of up to 108K teachers and aides -200K children kicked off Head Start -Meals on Wheels taken away from 1 million seniors -7K fewer rail safety inspection days next year alone It's just ruthless — plain and simple.
  15. PBS did a story last night on Clarence and Ginni Thomas last night. Very interesting
  16. Some context for the "Dark Brandon" t-shirt: a swipe at Biden from the right that has been seized by the left. Some on the left are denouncing its origins -- but that kind of political switcheroo is old news. Think of "Yankee Doodle," a British tune mocking colonists who took it f
  17. "The Supreme Court justice did not report the identity of the purchaser, whose firm has had numerous cases before the court."
  18. Next, there was PBS. It looks like PBS is also stopping their use of Twitter, following in NPR's footsteps.
  19. Today was the last day I will watch Morning Joe. I am offended that they opened the show today with a party atmosphere. Less then 2 days after a deadly school shooting they were laughing about baseball. That was their opening? Where is your compassion. Even Mika thought it was a
  20. A death threat for Alvin Bragg? Never underestimate the ability of Trump’s supporters to show you who they are. #HillaryWasRight #depolorable

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