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  1. We need to calm the heck down with all the AI hype (and heck was not my first choice of words there.) Here’s your first warning that the AI Emperor has no clothes.
  2. My latest LinkedIn Blog is about thermometers, Alexa and change for change's sake. Does your hardware or service provider care what you think as their user? They should...
  3. Television Goes From Smart To Dumb Again A personal history and opinion from a US viewer…How did we get to where we are? click here to read on LinkedIn
  4. #AI Friday Number 24 – RegulAItion

    This week’s #AIFriday recap again covers how the US government – and international governments – have committed to protecting us from the potential evils of AI.
  5. #AI Friday Number 23 – AI Poison

    This week’s #AIFriday recap introduces you to the concept of data-poisoning – a process (stolen from #StarTrek ) that adds hidden data strings in art so that if AI models try to scrape it the results will fall apart in chaotic and unpredictable ways.
  6. #AI Friday Number 22 – Stormy Weather

    This week’s #AI Friday recap provides quotes from technology CEOs on the phenomenon of AI. Is it a ‘hypestorm’ destined to fade, a cog to be absorbed into all tech, or the tech that will take-over our future?
  7. #AI Friday Number 20 – The Nuclear Option

    This week’s #AI Friday recap quotes from two recent articles that point out a significant power consumption problem with #AI . It honestly sounds like a bad joke, ‘What could be more dangerous than an evil AI? An evil AI with nuclear power.’
  8. AI Friday

    This week’s #AI Friday recap brings #VoiceFirst capabilities to the forefront again, but opens a philosophical question about identifying our pictures. Also, Tim Banting suggests I should call this series FrAIday. Do you prefer that to #AIFriday ?
  9. A preview of my travel blog for next week - Funny Money....
  10. This week’s #AI Friday smells of Deja-vu with more lawsuits and the re-introduction of AI home assistants…but with a promise to be better. #AIFriday
  11. Only 27% of knowledge workers worldwide say they have a healthy relationship with work - and more data shared by HP today.

    Today, @HP unveiled groundbreaking findings from the first HP Work Relationship Index, a global research study that dives deep into the evolving dynamics of work. HP created the Index to address a gap in the global discussion about the future of work. The study, which surveyed mor
  12. My travel blog for next week - an IT travesty at MGM Resorts:
  13. #AIFriday #17 – AI Hearings Elon Musk and Mark Zukerberg finally got together this week, but not to duke it out as they’ve been blustering about. Instead, they and more than a dozen other tech leaders testified at the US Senate about the possible regulation of #AI .
  14. For those of you who are curious and have not yet heard my 9/11 story. We will always remember...
  15. #AIFriday #16 – Announcements This week saw a few new announcements in the #AI space – including Zoom, Microsoft and AnyQuest.
  16. My travel blog for this week highlights the rising cost of using credit cards.
  17. Reason 347 why I left......Nazis still reason #1 and Musk #2 .
  18. Math – the universe’s constant language…unless of course you’re an AI LLM. Read this week’s AI Friday for more of the details.
  19. Based upon the sheer number of recent recalls, it looks like Trader Joe's has put whoever designed their parking lots in charge of product quality.

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