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Singer, songwriter, sometime poet; player of guitars and ukulele. Politics, yes. My ebike is a joy machine.

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  1. John Prine Last Night

    Here’s a fun little clip of me playing my favorite guitar and singing a bit of my song John Prine Last Night slightly belatedly in honor of his third anniversary of launching from the planet. ❤️ #JohnPrine #songwriter
  2. Mostly because we just can’t help ourselves.
  3. Hi. This is what I do.
  4. Southbound 101

    Snowcapped mountains from San Mateo through Monterey counties today. 120” of snow in Big Bear and some snow in Newport Beach. Got to my hotel room and someone had set the thermostat to 78°. Bless them. I felt like Sam McGee. Haven’t been that warm since September. This pic is fr
  5. La Terre

    My great uncle Hal who was in the foreign service let me know there was a big world and wonderful languages beyond the little valley where I grew up. I have his books and journals. One I read early on was by Bertrand Russell, so it was nice to come upon this piece today. (Link be
  6. I believe this is true.
  7. Vocal session

    I’m recording my first album in ten years. Really proud of the work we’re doing. Ed Tree’s producing and playing all kinds of electric guitars. He’s a delight to work with and he’s bringing in wonderful players. I wrote all the material, except for one beautiful song by Tom Prasa
  8. I’m singing

    Had a great day singing and working on tracks yesterday at The Treehouse with my great producer, Ed Tree. My songs are strong, my picking is solid and my voice is coming along. With his artistry and a crew of great musicians, we’re creating a beautiful record for you. Image: Nina
  9. Digging into Friday night.
  10. Always read Ifill.
  11. Please share this. A rare article on surviving public trauma that includes resources at the end. Most neglect to do so.
  12. Always read Arax.
  13. Hmmm. Good catch. #signage
  14. Black Americans have been waiting for reparations for centuries of free and low-wage work they did to enrich others. The first attempt at reparations for former slaves was the "40 Acres and a mule" pr
  15. MLK Day

    Some of the context that gets left out of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy. Organizers and allies. March On Washington for Jobs and Justice 1963 Standing (Far Left): Bayard Rustin Walking (Front):? Back R
  16. She wasn’t one to sugarcoat things.
  17. Ah.
  18. Writing time

    As a songwriter, I say music is the art of time that transcends time. This author contemplates time in fiction and poetry. I can’t help but wonder if her years as a dancer shape time in her writing. #writer
  19. Reflections of Pinhole Café

    It’s fun to walk in my neighborhood and see what catches my eye. #photo Image: Victorian corner café, with scaffolding, reflected in convex traffic mirror across the street
  20. Good morning.

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