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Nikol Mladkova-Suchy


Board Certified Radiation Oncologist

New York, NY

Attending Physician - Queens Hospital Center Clinical Instructor (Pending) - Mount Sinai Health System MD, PhD, MPH

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  1. Snatched this photo of a #bee working hard on a sunflower during my walk to get lunch today in Jamaica, #Queens ah, the magic of #NYC 😊💗
  2. A title in the children’s library

    That #horses can literally feel my mind; their ability to sense exactly what’s happening in my inner world as if they were downloading telegrams from my soul is magnetic…
  3. The shadows #painting with the evening light. I always feel recharged when I spend time on a farm or in/near #nature
  4. Our #puppy got hold of my fluffy sandals and decided to turn them into a piece of… #art ? 🤔💭stunning precision… maybe she’ll be a surgeon when she grows up
  5. COVID hospitalizations nearly doubled compared to last month

    “there were 15,067 new COVID patient hospitalizations for the week ending Aug. 19. That marked an 18.8% jump from the week before, and a staggering 86.9% increase over the past month. However, that is still down almost 61% compared to the same time last year.” From my strictly per
  6. My husband’s organic #produce #cayenne #pepper #backyardgarden growing your own vegetables is such joy 💙🌝
  7. Your body sensations is your #soul telling you something you need to know…
  8. A random moment

    Sometimes you sit down on a bench during your weekend stroll with the kids to the #library , watch the cars and shadows go by until they’re done with their popsicles, not really worried what the next moment might bring #mindfulness #justforamoment
  9. Cardio-respiratory fitness in Swedish men associated with reducing the risk of developing and mortality from certain cancers

    Interesting read: a prospective registry study carried out on Sweden shows an association between increased fitness in men and lesser risk of cancer development and lesser risk of cancer mortality in men. Association Between Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Cancer Incidence and Cance
  10. Maternal mortality in the US disproportionately affects black mothers

    Maternal mortality remains a major public health issue in the US, with maternal mortality more than doubling during the past two decades and black mothers being the most affected. It’s not just a “measurable disparity“, it’s a preventable human tragedy and the most obvious exposur
  11. It’s noon in Westchester, #NY , the sky is ash grey and the air smells of burning smoke 💨 #CanadianWildfires schools cancelled outdoor activities today due to #AirQuality
  12. My name is Juniper and I am the sweetest little #puppy
  13. Among the saddest and most disturbing #MedicalSciences news lately… “r/science Millions of children and teens live with obesity in the United States, and weight-loss surgery is becoming a more common way to treat it. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of weight-loss surgeries among
  14. Final Results of NRG Oncology CC001

    “Sustained Preservation of Cognition and Prevention of Patient-Reported Symptoms with Hippocampal Avoidance during Whole-Brain Radiotherapy for Brain Metastases” TL;DR hippocampal avoidance during whole brain radiation treatment +memantine for brain metastases leads to sustained

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