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Ecologist, activist, independent liberal to the core. Lover of wildlife, wilderness and most of all dogs!

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  1. Today, Jack Smith picked apart Trump's arguments in a 29 page response to Trump’s motion to dismiss his indictment in the Mar-a-lago documents case. He opens his response by noting that Trump’s argument that the Presidential Records Act (PRA) absolves him of wrongdoing are belied
  2. Bought and paid for by #Trump
  3. Texas SB8: •Doctor performs abortion: $100K fine, lose license, life in prison •Woman gets abortion: $10K fine, life in prison •Man forces wife to take abortion pills: $0 fine, 180 days jailIt was never about life. It was always about the control of women.
  4. FU Texas
  5. Corporate media went from Fourth Estate to Fifth Column a long time ago. Assholes and Traitors to democracy.
  6. Fortune favors the Swift!
  7. Her reputation precedes her: The singer is nominated in six categories at this year’s awards ceremony. By Kase Wickman It wasn’t exactly the midnight meeting time she requested in her song “Lavender Haze,” but Taylor Swift made it to the Grammys 2024 on Sunday nonetheless. She stepp
  8. More tomorrow...
  9. Tell me again who Trump works for.
  10. The Council of the European Union has reached a preliminary agreement to fund Ukraine aid with profits from frozen Russian assets , the Belgian delegation at the Council announced via Twitter on Jan. 29. “EU Ambassadors just agreed in principle on a proposal on the use of windfall
  11. The worst thing the Supreme Court did last week that you haven't already read about. SCOTUS left stand Mississippi's strict felony disenfranchisement provision that was enshrined in the state’s avowedly racist 1890 constitution.
  12. SCOTUS right now
  13. I posted this on Twitter in response to a question and I thought you all might enjoy it too. Lou Dobbs telling Stephen Miller to have the GOP pay me $500 million to stop beating them in court.
  14. If you are just joining Post, welcome. If you are ready to fight to protect democracy, thank you.
  15. Eugene Goodman. Hero. #January6
  16. I have a new podcast! It's called Defending Democracy and it is available now on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.
  17. Yet another huge jobs report. The US adds 223,000 jobs and the unemployment rate hits a 50+ year low at 3.5%.

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