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Hi everybody! Nice to be here. I just finished my PhD in Health Sciences (Neuroscience) on creativity after brain stroke at the University of Bern. Before that, I did my MSc in psychology in Fribourg and improved my statistics skills at ETH Zurich. Now I work with health data in Basel. My topics are , , , , , , , , , and . Looking forward to exciting exchanges. Best, Nicole

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  1. The Guard

    #MovieTip Very unconventional black and in the course surprisingly sensitive-melancholic cop comedy, which more than once on the meta level comes up with deeper philosophy of life.
  2. The Spine of Night (2021)

    #MovieTip Audiovisual fantastic and gory fantasy epic in the lavish rotoscoping tradition of Lord of the Rings (1978), Heavy Metal (1981) and Fire and Ice (1983). FSK 16
  3. The Interview #MovieTip Surprising(,) brutal (and) cathartic parody. FSK 12
  4. Bad Neighbours 1 & 2

    #MovieTip Brothers and sisters of transgressive humor, if you're finally ready to laugh it off and aren't afraid of being embarrassed, you have to watch it. It goes deeper than you might expect. FSK 12
  5. The Magnificent 7 (2016) #MovieTip Highly enjoyable remake of the Western classic. FSK 16
  6. The harder they fall

    #MovieTip Modern western with great characters, some technically very nice staging, great music and unfortunately a somewhat scruffy plot that slows down the pace in places. Gladly would like to see mor
  7. Last Night in Soho

    #MovieTip Wonderful whodonit ghost thriller that regularly transports the protagonist to the 60s, where nothing is what it seems at first glance. FSK 16
  8. Crawl (2019) #MovieTip Tough fight for survival against alligators in the eye of a hurricane. Absolute must for monster movie lovers. FSK 16
  9. Miami Vice (2006)

    #MovieTip Audiovisually very authentic film remake of the well-known thriller series. Straightforward plot with heart and pain. Wonderfully acted. Gritty. (May not be for people with shaky-cam sickness
  10. Thor Love and Thunder

    #MovieTip Neither meat nor fish on the table. Starts as a slapfest, switches to drama, then ends in the style of a cheap children's series. Should have combined the first two genres better or made up i
  11. Bullet Train

    #MovieTip I prefer to say something positive or nothing at all about movies, but here I have to gripe. Style over substance. Only without style. Could have been something with more discipline, understa
  12. Everything Everywhere All at Once

    #MovieTip Do I have to justify this film recommendation at all? In any case, this movie is crazier than the trailer, abysmally funny and inspiring. FSK 16
  13. Yakuza Apocalypse #MovieTip Intensely weird metaphor. Hits you like punk rock, if you embrace the garage look. Making-of worth seeing. FSK 16
  14. The Witch: Subversion

    #MovieTip Honestly, I was expecting a crazy teenage violence-fest with supernatural powers. Calm storytelling, strong character acting and consistently conceived characters even in the supporting roles
  15. The Black Phone #MovieTip Intelligent and superbly acted coming of age horror thriller that takes its characters seriously. FSK 16
  16. 🌸🏵🌼 Encanto 🌼🏵🌸 #MovieTip Adorable animated film for the whole family about family. FSK 0
  17. The Contractor (2022)

    #MovieTip I expected pure action and got a surprisingly socially critical action drama. It comes across as very authentic and raw in places. You can feel the Hell or High Water spirit - not only becaus
  18. Massive Talent

    #MovieTip A charming action comedy ... or as Nick Cage would put it: "An adult character drama that ends up being a blockbuster." FSK 12
  19. Gravity #MovieTip A straightforward survival thriller in outer space. Even after watching it for the third time, it's still a blast!
  20. Lincoln Lawyer (2011)

    #MovieTip After watching True Detective, I was very excited to see Matthew McConaughey shine in more roles. Lincoln Lawyer does everything right. A great crime plot thrillingly staged. FSK 12

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