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Venture capital. Value investing. Technology. USC Marshall MBA. Recovering CFA. I post about VC, stocks, and all things finance related. Europe born.

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  1. JPMorgan being allowed to do the First Republic acquisition tells me there was no other well capitalized possible acquirer.
  2. It will get worse before it gets better.
  3. Let's reverse this trend this year
  4. One hour into the film it is clear who the murderer is in the new Knives Out. Could have been harder.
  5. If I had a time machine that could give me Howard Marks memos from 18 months in the future, I’d be making so much money.
  6. It is safe to be angry and disrespectful of Siri because it will never be used in the code of a future overlord AI.
  7. I’m not happy that thousands of retail investors are losing their savings by holding Tesla. I’m angry at the ridiculous price targets and expectations that fueled an unsustainable market price.
  8. Elon Musk was a low interest rates phenomenon.
  9. Tesla won't stop hurting soon. It still trades at 42 P/E. The momentum crowd has soured on it, the value crowd won't buy at such high valuation.
  10. Parag was the best CEO Twitter ever had.
  11. Blake Masters becoming Twitter CEO because he took notes during class would be funny.
  12. Since #finpost doesn't exist, I'm inventing it. It is the finance and investment community on Post. Voila, finpost!
  13. I've been bullish on nuclear for more than an year but have no idea how to play it, especially the uranium futures part. Commodities trading is hard.
  14. My sophomore year girlfriend was less of a drama queen than Elon.
  15. The Last Jedi was more innovative and creative than episodes 7 and (the boring) 9. Yes, some minor characters weren't necessary but we got the Rey/Kylo alliance against Snoke.
  16. Tesla is overvalued at 50 P/E going into a recession. It is poised to decline below 100 in the next year.
  17. Musk is suspending business and tech journalists, not just "leftwing" ones.
  18. Now the same out of the box thinkers say he will get "Epsteined" lol I wish I could short political speech.
  19. The red-pill infected brains were telling us SBF won't get arrested time because he bought Dem politicians. lol
  20. What is your favorite popular misconception? Mine is that a recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth instead of as a significant decline in economic activity spread acros

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