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PhD Candidate studying nukes and international relations.

PhD Candidate in Government at Georgetown University. Researching nukes, IR, East Asia, Japan.

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  1. Unfair that we have to wait until 8PM to do this again.
  2. It's stay-inside-and-make-dumplings weather. #PostCooks #PostFood
  3. The cat seems to understand Boxing Day better than I do.
  4. MIRV-y Christmas, everyone.
  5. We should declare war on Canada for sending all this cold air over the border.
  6. End of the semester feels very different when you're not taking or TAing any classes. No exams, no papers, no just kind of ends. #gradschool
  7. Was able to find a lot of people I followed Over There, but the vast majority are just inactive placeholder accounts.
  8. what? #phdlife
  9. Hotpot weather. Layers of napa cabbage and thinly sliced pork belly
  10. I wonder what Myspace Tom is up to these days...
  11. Trying to blend in. #catsofpost
  12. Sometimes I think about how it's completely normal to have titles/covers like this in my field, and wonder how non-nuke people see it.
  13. Cautiously trying out this new site: #caturday
  14. The twitter list of people I know in real life/regularly interact with has basically gone silent.
  15. Doomsday cat learning about Russian missiles.
  16. Manually editing the URL after you click on a hashtag is a pretty useful workaround for the (current) lack of a search function. Making some hashtags to find people: #politicalscience #polisci #gradstudent
  17. Post: The awkwardness of college orientation, in social media form.
  18. When you get the email to make a Post account:

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