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My thoughts are exactly that

Indie Publishing PR : @_silver_birch_ on instagram Part-time Amnesty International UK Book Shop Manager Podcast addict, garden fanatic.

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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’all! Hope 2023 is good to you…
  2. @feedback 👍 on the new formatting, particularly the sequencing of ‘Following’ and ‘Explore’. The site is beginning to feel very user-friendly. Thanks, great job, and Happy
  3. Not entirely naive about the concept of this bookshop: admire the idea, but fairly sure that in reality you’ll need a lot of time to peruse for absolute gems. However, as a library it would be a fabul
  4. On a mental health holiday & sporadically catching up w recent newsletters. Spotted interesting Japanese translation news in last week’s @semafor newsletter. Something for
  5. In lieu of other people’s pet pics…
  6. I don’t have a pet. Think I’m gonna take pics of other people’s pets and pretend they’re mine…
  7. Vaguely amused to find that Post is a bit like Nextdoor, only more global. If people start posting about lost cats I’ll feel right at home.

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